Give Your Old Sofa A Makeover Today, Helpful Tips

Sofas are lovely when they are new but overtime they may become tired and worn, when this happens shopping to buy new is not always an option for everyone because let’s face it, sofas do not come cheap.

Other than buying new, especially if finances are tight right now, our options are too either revamp our old sofas to offer them a new lease of life or maybe buy a second hand one, but even second purchases do not guarantee you’re going to get something fresh and clean.

If you are faced with this dilemma right now, you may be wondering what you can do to make a difference to the look of your sofa? Well our advice and tips will show how you can make a considerable difference even on the smallest budget.

Tip 1, Cheap and Cheerful

Without having to do a single thing you can make a considerable difference to the look of your sofa with use of a throw-over. You may already have one lying around the house somewhere or you may have to buy one, the best thing about throws is that you can buy second-hand ones if you wish as they are easy enough to wash, unlike trying to scrub second-hand sofas.

Throw-over’s are great, they improve the look of any sofa that is need of a little TLC the only downside to them is that they can be extremely annoying, especially if they don’t stay in place.

If your budget is allows it you could go for the pricier option by getting tailor made to fit covers instead, now this is going to cost considerably more than the regular throw however it would be the cheaper option when comparing the cost of buying a new sofa. Slip covers have their benefits though, they will save the sofa underneath and they can easily be stripped off for washing.

Tip 2, DIY Cleaning

Many people will try their hand at self cleaning to spruce up an old sofa, this can be very successful when you know how, however if the sofa is in particularly bad condition it may be very difficult to shift some of stains.

For DIY cleaners, you best options are too try and remove the cushion covers and washing them in the washing machine, if possible! Machine washed covers usually come out cleaner although trying to get them back onto the cushions is where it gets tricky, for anyone who has ever attempted this before, I’m sure you already understand how extremely awkward it can be. Be very careful when doing this as it can lead to broken zips on the covers.

If you do successfully remove all the cushion covers then the best part about it is that you only need to clean what is left, the shell! You can do this by using upholstery shampoo and a soft bristle brush and allow it dry out fully before putting the freshly washed covers back on.

Tip 3, Leave it to the Pros!

If budget will allow it, you could go for option 3 which is the more expensive option however it generally offers the best results.

Professional upholstery cleaners Pimlico are very good at what they do, they can make even the grubbiest old sofa look fresh and clean again. Using their special tools and products they have the trained knowledge and know-how when it comes to dealing with stains and marks on sofas and they usually produce impressive results for people who need a quick fix to spruce up their sofas. They also manage to clean sofas with less residue and moisture left at the end, meaning that the sofa will dry out much quicker than if you were to clean it yourself, bonus!

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