Google photos to Recognize Your Pets’ Faces

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Google Photos is becoming more pet-friendly. Google has afforded your pet(s) the same honor as your human friends, with the app now able to recognize their faces. So whether you have a devoted dog or a cute cat, it will now be easier to find all of the photos you take of them.

Google Photos is a powerful tool for smartphone photographers. It allows you to save and share your photos with ease. It also lets you sort your photos into collections, with some stellar search tools making the whole process a doddle. And now even your pet(s) are being accommodated.

Google Knows You Have Furry Friends

As outlined in a Google Blog post , you “no longer need to type ‘dog’ or ‘cat’ into search in Google Photos.” Instead, Google Photos will recognize your pet(s) just as it recognizes humans, and group the photos together. You can also “label them by name” or search to find their photos.

If you’re one of those odd people who have lots of cats or dogs you can even search by breed. However, Google is aware of the limitations of this feature, telling BuzzFeed that Google Photos might struggle to differentiate between different pets who are the same breed and who look alike.

Google also took the opportunity to remind us that you can even make a movie starring your favorite pet using Google Photos. All you need to do is tap on the photo group of your chosen pet, select your favorite photos, and tap ‘+’ to create a movie.

Google Photos Keeps Getting Better

Having Google Photos being able to recognize your pet(s) isn’t exactly a life-changing development. However, it’s another feature that makes Google Photos well worth using. And if you’re not an animal lover, these other amazing Google Photos features could prove to be more useful still.

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