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  Moroccan decor is becoming extremely popular for modern homes of all styles. Are you looking to decorate your home with awesome furniture and high degree of elegance the Moroccan home decor style be the right choice. The style is combined with colours that are rich and vibrant. Moroccan home lighting is fitted strategically, the floor is designed mosaics and the room furniture is long wooden sitters with art design graphic deeply cavred on the front of each sitters.

  Morocco is still keeping his cultures and traditions influencing the people and land. Morocco is situated in north of Africa separated from Europe by Mediterranean sea as well as the Atlantic sea. All the influence from some European countries and others this is caused Moroccan furniture and decor to be unique, and not found anywhere else in the world on large scale.  The Moroccan furniture and accessories used  heavily adorned and ornamented, and rich colours that are vibrant are used in Moroccan decor.  Potted plants also play a large role, and Moroccan lamps and other types of Moroccan lighting are carefully placed for results that are gentle and create awesome finish to the decoration.

  If you want to completely redecorate your home or just add a few exotic and unique touches you can get this when you use Moroccan home decor furniture. For inspiration you only have to look at the fascinating attractions that Morocco offers if you visit Marrakesh or Fez , bazaar, snake charmers, night fantasia, Leather Shops,  or Agadir, Essaouirra coast and many others. When you have all of the right elements getting the unusual look and feel you want for your home is easy.

 Home Decor Furniture Interiors Using Rich Colours

  With Moroccan decor the colour is the central point. Greens and blues in varying shades reflect the Mediterranean and Atlantic influences, and the sunsets in Morocco are the reason that vibrant oranges and reds are included. Moroccan furniture and decor also includes silver and gold colors which represent the real and pure gold at jewelry shops. The tables and couches used are appealing and are situated close to the floor and that what keep Moroccan home decor furniture unique.

 What Fabrics Are Used In Moroccan Home Decor Furniture

  The use of vibrantly coloured fabrics which are rich and luxurious, and that contain designs and textures that are elaborate and intricate, plays a big role in Moroccan decor. The abundant use of cushions and throw pillows, combined with exquisite fabrics which are draped from every conceivable surface, make this style very attractive and elegant.

Why Using Mirrors In Moroccan Home Decor Furniture

  The use of mirrors inside design provide colourful reflections and subtle light refractions while decorating the walls. Mirrors which include decorative embellishments made of metal or jewels, ironwork that has been decoratively wrought, frames that include an onion dome shape, and wood art which has been deeply carved.

What Make Moroccan Home Decor Furniture  Different

  There are so many items included on Moroccan home decor furniture all the design is created by the Arabe and Islamic artist for many years ago and Morocco still keep and using same art from generation to generation. Even the exteriors designer can’t improve their furniture inside Morocco. And first thing we start with is:

The flooring

  Used in Moroccan style decor should include dark hardwoods, as well as ceramic tile options. Floors should include floor cushions that are stacked and extravagant Persian rugs for the perfect exotic look. The use of ceramic tile helps to keep the floor cool during the warm weather and make the inside of the home inviting.Plants Are Crucia

  Potted plants are a big part of Moroccan home decor, and exotic varieties that include papyrus, banana, and many others should be used liberally. Plans should be placed in baskets and pots which are colorful and large enough to be decorative. This will make your home feel like an oasis in the desert.

Interior Lighting With Moroccan Decorating

 Moroccan home lighting is an important factor, and the focus is on lighting which is dim. This is accomplished by using Moroccan lamps and colored glass lamp pendants which include metal and wood and decorated designs. Traditional Moroccan lamps can be used with a candle to include a romantic setting which combines well with the Moroccan decor and unusual fragrances.

Moroccan Home Decor Furniture Should Include Fragrances

  Moroccan decor is about more than just adding Moroccan furniture, as well as some pillows and fabrics. Choosing fragrances which fit the Moroccan theme will provide the ideal crowning touch. You can include exotic scents such as cloves, saffron, cinnamon, nutmeg, and many others.

Moroccan Home Decor Furniture And The Use Of Canopies

 The use of canopies in Moroccan decor adds a touch of mystery to the home. The canopies are created using vividly coloured silks and netting which is draped and swagged. This may be done over Moroccan furniture and often includes areas that are used for relaxing, dining, or sleeping. These canopies give the home an appearance similar to the bazaar tents which are found in the desert.

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