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How To Save Money In Your Home Wedding ?

 What place could mean more to you than the one where you live or where you grew up? Imagine yourself putting on your wedding gown and pearl bridal jewelry in your childhood bedroom and then having your father escort you down the aisle. If you are getting misty eyed just thinking about it, a home wedding could be perfect for you.

While planning a home wedding is definitely extra work, most brides who do it say that it was worth every bit of effort they put into it. As they say, there’s no place like home.

When its come to the wedding, the most people want a small wedding with close family and friends and a wedding abroad is the ideal way to spend a few days celebrating a marriage with the people that are the most important to you. The cheapest way is you plan your wedding at home. A traditional Moroccan wedding is typically an event that lasts a few days – but all the traditional elements can be combined into a celebration over a couple of days. And the most Moroccan wedding take place at home. Moroccan wedding is great and  is celebrated with great fun and festivity.

How The Bride She Is Chosen ?

 Wedding at home traditionally the parents choose groom or bridegroom for their children. After discussion is done, and both parents  agree, the preparation for the wedding take place. For both families before wedding everybody sends presents and gifts to bride and groom. The parents, guests and relatives, they send golden jewelry, clothing, and perfumes for the bride. Some Moroccan weddings presents and gifts can be even cars,  houses, apartments and villas. Long time before marriage all necessary things for newly married couple such as a furniture are already bought from both side of the families. The groom parents and families they deliver and send all the necessary and gift accompanied with band playing local songs and musics on their way to the bride parents. On that delivery all the groceries need it,  from vegetables, meat, to the last things the families bride need for the wedding preparation.

What Happen The Night Before The Wedding?

  Traditionally on the wedding day in Morocco a bride bathes in milk and then her hands and feet are painted with Hanna. At the bride wedding home the procedure of ” hanna” take place. The groom he is also present at the bride home on the night of hanna him also due to the tradition must have small around circle in the middle of his hand of Hanna.

 Next day the bride must be escort with all her parents, guest, and relatives to the groom parents wedding home with the local musics and songs. At the entrance of the groom home the bride is carried inside on the table. The few minutes later you can hear the music and load songs is the groom coming riding the horse, all the guest, and relatives come out for the groom welcome.When he enters the house, he is hoisted onto the shoulders of his friends and his bride is carried on a table or cushion. The bride change her wedding dress from 3 0r 5 times every time she comes out with different colors and the groom too. All wedding dresses can be hired and the changes is done by Nagafa. This is some of the bride dresses.

When its comes to the food is well prepared from couscous, tagiin, to pastilla. All the guest are served with food around table. After the food every time pot and pot of Moroccan tea is served different delicious home make biscuit. After the long night the bride and the groom leave the venue and they go to their new home, but the wedding don’t stop tell next day in the morning.

For Moroccan wedding even neighbours help take place too for the wedding, from cooking, decoration, tables and more. Moroccan wedding when is come to the expenses is not that expensive that why the Moroccan wedding is done at home. During the week after wedding, the newly weds visit their relatives and friends and invite to their new home.

What you think about this wedding gift for your bride, or your relatives, and friends wedding.

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