How Should You Avoid SEO Mistakes

How Should You Avoid SEO Mistakes To Rank Higher In Search Results?

Whether you have been doing SEO (search engine optimization) for your own company or a client’s company, there is a danger of getting stuck in the same routine. This routine or schedule of tasks you implement can make scaling your agency much easier, but it can also lead to stagnant SEO results.

What Is Working For You On SEO?

It’s never an easy or short answer because it is usually a variety of things that all work together to accomplish your desired result. I’ll share some on-page optimization tips in a later post, but what about off-page?

Mentions on other websites and listings are also valuable search signals that help your business rank higher in search results.  Off-page SEO lets Google know what other people think your business, product or website. Since it matters to Google what is happening off of your website, it should matter to you too.

Here is a quick list of 10 Off-Page SEO Tactics you can utilize:

  1. Set up notification alerts for mentions of your business and link to URL’s positively talking about your business or industry.
  2. Research competitors’ links to see where you can start link building.
  3. Create social media profiles and link back to your sites content and pages.
  4. Do expert roundups on your blog so experts link back to your website.
  5. Guest post on influencer websites.
  6. Comment on authority blogs and build relationships.
  7. Get listed on sites that offer local recognition and awards.
  8. Contribute to industry newsletters and link back to your website.
  9. Get listed on chamber of commerce sites.
  10. Submit content to curating platforms such as Flipboard,, and Slideshare.

By implementing just a few of these 10 tactics, you can keep your SEO fresh and your client’s happy with their results and traffic increases from their improved visibility.

Are You Avoiding These SEO Mistakes?

We talked already about how off-page tactics can keep your SEO fresh.  You also need to make sure you or your SEO provider isn’t hurting you with old tactics or just bad SEO in general.

SEO is always evolving.  What was legit two years ago is a penalty from Google today. The best way to optimize your website changes with every new algorithm released.

What currently can be counted on is a long list of things we KNOW are bad for SEO.  Take a look through this list and make sure you are avoiding these SEO mistakes while working to boost your search ranking.

1. Buying or bartering for links.

2. Keyword stuffing.

3. Unnatural anchor text.

4. Short posts less than 300 words.  Local clients are great at saying they’ve added “content” to their pages, but when you look at it, it’s too short and not optimized at all for the focus keyword on the page.

5. Allowing links in comments on blogs.

6. Duplicate content.

7. Poor website navigation = poor user experience and higher bounces

8. Forgetting Image Tags.

9. Not spending time in your Search Console looking at  long-tail keyword research.

10. Not optimizing for local search.

11. Not using 301 Redirects.

12. Broken Links.

If you don’t know why these are bad, you might need to start from the beginning with Google’s Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide. Learn the best ways to optimize your website while avoiding these top SEO mistakes.  

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