How to Choose Silk Sheets

Silk is a symbol of luxury as it is an incredibly durable fabric made from natural fibers. Its shine, shimmer, and smoothness actually upgrade your bed with one complete bedding set. Therefore, knowing what you are getting into before you buy the silk bedding of your dreams is significant.

1. Choose according to weight

High-quality silk sheets have a variety of different weight based on momme. The words “momme” (abbreviated “mm”) has the same pronounce with “mummy”.  This is a measure coming from Japan to take into account how much a standard piece of luxury silk weighs. The heavier and thicker of the piece of silk depends on the momme weight. A 19 mm-weight silk fabric is generally regarded to have the optimal balance of the strength, sheen, and affordability.

2. Match your colors

Silk bedding has a variety of colors imaginable. You can be free in matching and complementing other aspects of your bedroom such as the drapes, carpets or walls as you design the perfect bed liner set as long as the luster and sheen of the silk stands out from other colors in the room. Natural and artificial light reflects in the fabric in a unique way.

3. Choose your type

There are many different types of silk fabric. The most common type for consuming is mulberry silk, which comes from a particular type of silkworm bred for industrial use. The most used type of mulberry silk you can purchase is charmeuse.  It is by far the most popular kind of silk going into sheets, comforter, dresses, and nightgowns. Charmeuse is a suggestion for you when looking for the most affordable and durable silk on the market.

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4. Take notice of your synthetics

A synthetic version of silk called satin is often an inexpensive substitute for silk. Nevertheless, silk is still a superior fabric as it has a softer feel to it and won’t catch on your skin as satin does. If you are shopping for pure silk, it is recommended that you look for products say “100 percent silk” on the label or in the description.

5. Accessorize

When choosing new bedding, go farther than just your sheets. Silk duvets and duvet covers create all-season comfort to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Silk duvet cover not only is easy to keep clean but also protect your duvet from stains and wear. Duvet covers often come in white but you can find any you want to match your decor. A duvet cover can be easily cared for by being removed from the duvet and tossed in the wash. Additionally, duvet covers can save your time, money and effort if you want to protect your investment by taking up less space in your washing machine than the duvet.

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