How To Create Everyday Income In Your A Home Business

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What Is The Most Important Thing To Focus On At The Beginning Of Your A Home business? 

 In fact, I would go so far as to say that your ability to create it is the #1 determining factor of the overall long term success of your a home business. This is something that I definitely didn’t understand when I started my own online business. I fell hook line and sinker for the whole company line . . . Just keep recruiting.

Can Your Own Products Create Income In Your A Home Business

 The problem is if that’s what you believe you’re going to go broke before your a home business ever has a chance to succeed or you’ll get yourself into severe credit card debt as I did myself. Now, in the old days, the way to create every day cash flow was to retail your company’s product, but I submit that that is far from the optimal solution, and that the optimal solution is far easier than what used to work. The problem with retailing your companies product, which I found out earlier, is very few people (especially online) are willing to pay premium prices for your moon juice or whatever when they can get a retail version of the same thing is most situations for far less.

We as consumers are not stupid, and I will submit that a company with a completely unique product line does have an advantage when it comes to retailing, but still it’s not the optimal solution. If you don’t make money today, yesterday, and tomorrow in your a home business or you falsely believe that simply doing free stuff will get you where you want to go here is what is going to happen.

You’ll simply loose steam. Month one you believe, month two you start to question, month three you’re pissed at your sponsor, month four you think you’re stupid for even starting a new a home business, and by month five you quit.

That’s how it goes, I’ve been around long enough to be able to simply call them as I see them and what I just told you his how humans work. You and I need positive reinforcement along the way to succeed, not blind faith and vague instructions.

Why The Optimal Solution Is Better To Create Income In Your A Home Business.

 The optimum solution is to create your own front end product or obtain rights to a product that gives your prospects information they hunger for, and if you’re smart you’ll create something that gives amazing value in the areas your prospects desire their problems solved and that leads them down the path to wanting to work with you personally.

What’s better than your own information product for “getting leads” or ”recruiting more”?


What happens is you sell your stuff, you make 100% profits on your sales, everyday in your a home business is cash flow positive, you’ve got the positive reinforcement you need to keep pushing forward, and your prospects now see you as their trusted advisor and expert both because you have your own product line and the vast majority of them don’t and when they purchase it they concede to the fact that you can help them. Well what if that product is amazing and they love you for it? What do they think about you?

Probably only good things.

Well what if you sent an email to them 7 days after purchase opening up a window for a few of them to work with you personally? Do you think a few of your customers would jump at the chance? I do. Yes, you can have your cake and eat it to.

It’s far easier and more fun to build your a home business with your front end profit margin stabilized by your own product.

Have Your Own Product Or Not You Can Create Income In Your A Home Business

Now the problem for most is they believe they can’t create their own product, or fast or sell it. On all three counts they’re wrong.

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There’s a METHOD  to the madness. It’s easier than you think and what you’ve been taught about create everyday income in your a home business is all  wrong.

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