Learn How to get a free Akismet API key for Personal Use

How to get a free Akismet API key

Akismet was launched on 25 October 2005. Akismet is a part of 8 essential thing that needed after wordpress installation. Akismet is short form of Automatic Kismet. The goal of Akismet is to remove web spam from as many sites as possible. It is a spam filtering service. It attempts to filter link spam from blog comments and spam Trackback pings. To use Akismet with blogs, it is necessary to obtain Api key. For more about Akismet you can read here-> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Akismet.

Step 1: Activate your Akismet plugin

To activate Akismet plugin go to Plugin-> install plugin and click on activate.

Step 2: Visit Akismet site for signup

In second step, visit to Akismet signup page. If you have wordpress.com already, you do not need to sign up again. For signup Akismet key click here-> http://akismet.com/signup.

Step 3: Choose personal plan

For personal blog choose personal plan. For your help, a picture publicized below.

Step 4: Payment page

For personal use, you are able to choose payment $0 to $114.  If you want free then scroll it to 0.

Step 5: Congratulation

Congratulation you have now your own api key. Now copy and paste api key in Akismet plugin.

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