How To Keep Beard Hairs From Sticking Out (7 Proven Ways)

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A hard a stick beard makes your look untidy. A bunch of the hairs left their position and make your edges ugly that’s why we are writing how to keep beard hairs from sticking out.

Let’s start with my own story when I was 17 years old, my father has a long beard, he used to color it every week and also apply shampoo and conditioner on it. But, the beard remains coarse and strick. On the other hand, the long beard of my uncle was shiny and flat.

He uses to do the same procedure but in addition, he uses beard oil on his beard. So, if you are in hurry then beard oil can solve your problem.

7 ways to keep beard hairs from sticking out

There are ways by which you can make your beard flat and avoid it being a stick. let’s talk about all methods in detail and know how to implement these methods practically on our beard. Before that, I want to introduce you to some products.

If you use these products then you can flat your beards at a certain level.

Beard styling products

Longbeards need utmost care rather than short beards or stubble. So you have to invest in rich quality beard styling products like beard oils and beard balms.

These two products make works of difference in your beard and make your beard nutrition and healthy.

Use beard oil

Beard oil has all the necessary ingredients necessary for healthy hair growth and beauty.

Beard oils stimulate hair growth and produce new hair follicles to grow new beard hairs and ultimately lead to healthy beard growth. But, you should only opt for natural oils. Rick Ross legacy beard oil is a good choice for those who have sensitive skin.

I’ve written a brief review of Rick Ross’s beard oil you can check it.

Use Bear Balm

Beard balm nourishes the beards and gives a healthy look. Beard balm contains a bunch of natural ingredients to stimulate hair growth and makes the scalp well. And all these ingredients are mixed with butter and was that’s why they help to make the beard flat.

Let the beard grow longer

This is a very first step and boring too. But you’ve pass-through this step and make the beard to grow for 4 weeks. Yes, after reaching this stage you’ll get exact results about your beard whether it is sticking out or patchy and other.

When you’ve noticed that your beard is sticking out then try to comb your beard as much as possible.

My uncle brings a small comb with him when he is traveling on a motorbike and comb his beard after certain intervals of time.

Use scissors for trimming your beard

Okay, I’m appealing to you to cut your longer beard with a scissor. The first step is to use your beard brush to set your hairs and then start cutting gradually from the right side till the sideburns and mustaches.

Beard scissor gives perfect precision and can be used at the hardest place of a face.

Use Beard Straightening Comb

Beard straighteners are products use to flat curly beards. While using beard straightener use beard oil or a beard balm.

It is highly recommended to dry your beard before using a beard straightening comb. Yes, beard oil and balm are recommended for straightening.

how to keep beard hairs from sticking out

Wash your beard with conditioner

Make a good habit of eating your beard with a conditioner after 2-3 days. It makes your beard smooth and flat. After washing dry your beard and perform a massage of beard oil till the roots of facial hairs. Beard oils produce new hair follicles and ultimately help in beard styling.

Healthy hairs are very important for beard grooming and you must have to invest your quality time in them.

Invest in a good trimmer

Trimmer also plays a vital role in making your beard flat. Try to find a trimmer for a big beard with all the expected functionalities such as detail trimming, body grooming, and good runtime. Trimmers that pull hairs can lead to beard patches and these patches can’t be cured easily.

Train your beard

Practice makes the men perfect and Men adopt habits these both quotes are fit in the case of beard. Beard also takes their position with a lot of practice. So, you’ve to use a comb to straighten your beard after a certain interval of time to give it a permanent structure and style.

Final thought

Making a beard flat is a difficult task for busy guys. To do this you’ve worked on the minor level and take care of a lot of things. The main thing it requires a tonne of patience in the person, hard labor, and consistency. So, be very strong before starting to make your beard flat.

I hope that you get the answer to your question and this article has created a place in your heart.

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