What is the importance of the Aadhaar card forIndian citizens?

Are you in need of a password for opening your e-Aadhaar card portable document file? Then this is especially for you people. This card denotesa unique identification number of every citizen who is living in India. It is considered as the biometric document which is used to store the individual’s personal information in the government database. These details are later used by the Indian Government for the welfare and services of the citizen.

Your electroniccard is also similar to the physical Aadhaar card in which it consists of details such as biometric data, photographs and much more general information about an individual. In this, we are going to gain some additional information about changingthe password for e aadhar and a lot more in the upcoming section.

How to download electronic card?

You can able to download your card by following simple steps. It will be very useful for you in your future as well. It is also used for any type of government verification process. Here are the easy steps to follow while downloading it online,

  • You need to visit the official website of the Government
  • After visiting the website, you will be entering into it;you can find the ‘Download’ option. It will be redirected to another page of the website.
  • You need to select for the option under the section ‘I have’. Then you need to click it.
  • Then enter the number which is mentioned in your card. You can also use the ‘Masked’ option to not showing the full digits of your number.
  • And then you need to enter the captcha which is visible to you for the verification process. After it verifies, select the ‘Send OTP’ option. It will provide you an OTP on your registered mobile number.
  • Enter the six digits OTP which is sent to your number. Then complete the survey and use the option ‘Verify and download’ in order to download your card.

You can download it in various ways. But the above-mentioned steps are used to save your card through the number. You can also save it by providing details such as enrollment number, date of birth and much more.

Why password is required for downloading the PDF?

UIDAI, the official website keeps your file protected by providing passwords. For safety measures, it will be protected using passwords. The combination of the four letters of your name which is in capitals and your date of birth will be your e aadhar password. It will be helpful if you accidentally missed your physical card issued by the government. Let us discuss some of the areas using the card details,

  • Direct benefit transfer
  • Biometric attendance
  • Employee’s provident fund organization of India
  • Ration cards

So, it is very important to have your Unique Identity card in both the formats like physical as well as electronic format PDF. You can make a lot of benefits using this card. They are providing a lot of schemes to the Indian citizens.

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