Why LED TV is a Better Option than LCD TV: 3 Reasons to Know

Are you trying to figure out what an LED TV is? It is not all that reconfigured altered than the TVs that you may have got used to already. Yes, an LED TV is nothing, but LCD televisions.

If you are a beginner, LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display, and most of you may have heard about it. The picture that gets created on your TV screen is done by LCD. Even when the LCD TVs came earlier, they were way too expensive, and only well-to-do people could buy them.

Here is a quickTV buying guide showcasing the difference between LCD and LED so that you are aware that it’s good to buy an LED TV over an LCD television. Read on!

An LED LCD TV is the same as your LCD TV and only enabled with a new technology of light powering the screen. Yes, there is nothing to disbelief as the LED TV that you bought is an LCD TV only – only with a twist of the technology.

You may be aware that the conventional LCD TV had CCFL lighting in the background. And it is what has been replaced with the newer LED technology.

CCFL stands for cold cathode fluorescent lamp, which is found on old LCD TVs. You should know that CCFL TVs and LED TVs are quite similar. Yes, they are almost the same on how they create a picture on the television screen. But, it is the LED lighting that makes everything crisp and clear with better black levels you can observe.

Hence, the picture that is being produced on your LED TV and the older CCFL is the same. The major reason why LED TVs are being preferred is that they do their jobs superiorly than others. Hence, an LED TV is preferred over LCDs and make them appealing and worth watching. Therefore, once you are glued to an LED TV, you won’t go back watching the older LCD TV once again. And it is the basic difference between LCD and LED TVs.

Key reasons why LED TVs are preferred these days over LCDs

1. LED TVs are inexpensive to use

LED televisions have turned out to be less expensive than LCDs. What’s more, they also don’t consume too many electricity units and help you save money. Some LED TV companies affix a label on them that it will consume only such and such units of power. Hence, you are aware of how much your LED TV will consume in a year and can easily enjoy your favourite shows and movies without worrying about the light bill. In the long run, you will be able to save more by bringing home an LED TV.

2. LED TVs are a lot thinner

One of the significant reasons to choose an LED TV over an LCD is that they are a lot thinner and look sleek. You can compare a picture of an LCD and LED TV side by side, and you will notice a considerable difference. Hence, it makes LED TVs perfect for hanging on the walls. You will not experience such a thing with an LCD TV. An LED TV could be moved from one place to another because of the lower weight. It is one of the reasons that LED TVs are so popular these days.

3. LED TVs produce a superior picture quality

The final reason why people love to buy an LED TV is that it is able to produce high-quality pictures than that of a traditional CCFL TV. LED TVs produce pictures that are clearer with better lighting – a huge selling factor.

You are now aware of the difference between LCD and LED – an LED is that same as LCD but with a better light producing element behind the screen. You also know why LED TVs are so popular over LCDs.

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