The Most Loved Street Foods Of Udaipur

Aside from being a state with a vibrant culture and royal heritage, Rajasthan is most famous for its spicy yet mouth watering traditional food. At the heart of Rajasthan’s tourism industry lies Udaipur, the “City of Lakes”. No other city in not just the state but the whole country can match the beauty of Udaipur. While we all know about the regal fortresses and mesmerising lakes of the city, the scrumptious food that the city offers is often overlooked.

Visitors are usually only aware ofrestaurants in Udaipur that provide their customers with an unforgettable gastronomic experience. However, the real essence of the city’s taste lies in the food stalls parked on the sides of the streets. And as it is rightly said, if one truly wants to explore a city, roam around the city like a native of the place, not as a tourist. So, to acquaint you with the local taste of Udaipur, here is a list of the most beloved street foods of the city.

Kachori: Rajasthan is basically famous for two things, deserts and kachoris. Take the kachori away from the state and you have successfully removed a huge chunk of the soul of the state. Be it the breakfast, lunch or an evening snack, the kachori is one such dish which not only fills the stomach, but fills your heart with contentment too. The best kachoris can be found only on the streets of Udaipur.

Mini Mirchi Bada: A staple evening snack for the locals, these mini mirchi badas will leave you gasping for water, but at the same time you would crave for more. A perfect blend of spicy chilies, tangy lemon sprinkling, chopped onions and potato fillings, you would find long queues in front of stalls selling this much loved delicacy.

Daal Baati Choorma: Probably the most renowned traditional dish of Rajasthan, daal baati choorma is the most favored dish by one and all. It provides the perfect balance to your taste buds, with the daal providing the right amount of spices, the baati to accompany it and the choorma offers a much needed respite from the spiciness. Whilst many eating joints offer this dish, the true flavors are experienced only in local dhabbas, dhanis and street side stalls. This is the best combination to order if you want to return with a full stomach.

Boiled Egg Bhurji: For a lip-smacking plate of egg bhurji, the streets are the best place to go to. Sprinkled with sautéed vegetable, salt, pepper and a variety of spice, once you have had a bite, you won’t be able to stop yourself from coming back for more of this heavenly taste.

Kulhad Coffee and Hari Mirch Chai Shot: Kulhad is known best for going along with chai and lassi, but Udaipur has a twist for you. One can find coffee being served in a kulhad, which is a traditional clay pot, at some points in the city. It is a specialty unique to Udaipur. And if you aren’t much of a coffee person and more of a chai enthusiast instead, then a modern day tea stall has the perfect drink for you, the Hari Mirch Chai shot. People swarm the place for a refreshing sip, and you should too if you find yourself in Udaipur.

A city so richly rooted in culture, heritage and tradition is hard to find. To add on to its appeal, one can find in Udaipur hotels near lakes, like The Lalit, to enjoy a stay with a view. If visiting old forts and architectural marvels of the days gone by isn’t your idea of an exciting vacation, then the unparalleled variety of street food of Udaipur is enough to lure you to the city.

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