Marketing Campaign-How Should You Create Marketing Campaign

The REAL Truth How Should You Create Marketing Campaign To Generate Traffic And Leads?

I’m going to let you know a little truth that is the difference between marketing campaign that works and marketing campaign that doesn’t.

We have put together a powerful marketing campaign strategy to show you exactly how people just like you are succeeding in online marketing – and being able to take those profits and scale up over a short time to thousands of qualified visitors.

Do you want to run a marketing campaign but you don’t know where you start.

No matter what you are selling online – physical products, digital products, memberships, consulting – you have two primary goals:

  1. Get as much traffic and leads as possible – and
  2. Turn as many of those visitors into customers.

But if you have ever tried to buy paid marketing campaign for your own business, I’ll almost guarantee you hit a brick wall – almost everyone does their first time.

This is how it usually goes…

I will explain the important considerations before you launch marketing campaign projects. I also provide you practical marketing campaign strategies on marketing communications platform integration, from

  • Planning to
  • Briefing and
  • Execution.

Think about this: You want to market a new product, service or concept, and you want to reach the largest prospects possible. So you decide to produce a TV marketing campaign – but the only slot you can afford is at the afternoon when nobody is watching.

So you ask yourself whether a TV marketing campaign is really the answer. Would it not make sense to expand your efforts, market your marketing campaign idea across multiple channels at a fraction of the cost while ensuring your marketing campaign’s longevity?

Conceptualizing a PR campaign for your business can be daunting, especially if you have no marketing experience. If you have the budget, ask a marketing communications specialist for assistance.

But, whether you manage this marketing campaign project yourself or pay someone to do so, understanding the basics of marketing campaign management will be of great help.

Marketing Campaign Management Plan

There are a number of important considerations when setting up your marketing campaign, and once you have mastered the basics, the rest should come easily.

Decisions and Approvals: The first phase of your marketing campaign planning comprises the first set of decisions that must be made before you can continue to strategize:

  • Budget: How much, how little, do you have a budget at all? No matter what it is, capture your budget (or lack thereof) on paper.
  • Message Considerations: Do fellow internet marketing center grapple with similar challenge you are addressing?

Should you be considering sensitivities or business-related political issues when crafting your marketing campaign?

Creative Tactics include planning which combination of marketing communications engines you will use to spread your marketing campaign.

  • Which marketing campaign will be paid for newspaper or magazine ads vs Facebook promoted post and which marketing campaign will be crafted as editorial or online content?
  • How will you marry digital and traditional PR?
  • Will you use direct marketing gifts- ecards, ebook, etc?

While you don’t have to use every marketing campaign communication tool available to you, be very aware that some communication combinations will give you more bang for your buck-and a longer-running marketing campaign- than something short-term and expensive like a TV marketing campaign.

Big Marketing Campaign Idea: This is your basic concept-your core marketing campaign. Craft (or pay a copywriter to write) a basic marketing campaign that will be at the heart of your marketing. The marketing campaign will be translated differently. Depending on the communication engines you use, but it’s important to have marketing campaign basics on paper.

This is also the time to think about imagery, wording, social media marketing campaign, and how everything will fit together during the marketing campaign.

Marketing Campaign Plan and Execution: If you are collaborating with a team, create a marketing campaign schedule in a Google Docs spreadsheet. It is convenient to use and accessible from everywhere.

The spreadsheet must contain a comprehensive marketing campaign schedule of all your executables and outputs ad campaign, including the various deadlines that must be observed.

Magazine editorial, for instance, may have to be pitched three months in advance, while submitting the same story to a newspaper may be done closer to the relevant time. Any collateral that must be produced may take even longer.

Any design, advertising and marketing material booking and content deadlines must also be added to your overall marketing campaign plan, to ensure that everything you do happens on time.

A solid marketing campaign communications plan is key to the success of your marketing communications and will ensure that you don’t drop any balls.

Measure of Success: This is probably the most important consideration before you even think about finalizing your marketing campaign should be launched without targets and measurable in place. This not only helps you to manage expectations, having measurable in place also gives you a reference point during your marketing campaign to ensure that you are meeting your various business goals.

These marketing campaign measures must also be trackable-so ensure that you have the right marketing campaign tools in place.

Some Measurables Include:

  • Increase in organic likes and engagement on your social network pages,
  • X% open rate and click within your email autoresponder,
  • X% increase in monthly revenue or meeting certain sales targets,
  • An increase in website visits,
  • A change in perception of your brand or business from negative to positive.

How Should You Be On The Right Marketing Campaign Track

Whether your marketing campaign is run through your in house communications specialist-or yourself- or whether you brief a freelancer or agency, it is important to get the basics right and avoid any confusion or frustration.

This brief becomes the official marketing campaign guideline which spells out exactly what you need, why you need it and what the constraints are (including your budget). A carefully crafted brief is priceless, and by including the following basics you will be on the right marketing campaign track.

1- Background:

Provide a short overview of what your business does-if it’s new or external service provider-and explain the background of the project.


You want to launch concept x to the public and want to ensure continued word-of-mouth PR and media coverage, long after official marketing campaign has come to an end. This should include communications across digital and traditional media platform, as well as marketing collateral.

2- What you need and the objectives:

This can be a single product or list of things. It is important to be clear about the purpose of each product.


Website: we require fresh weekly text and video content that complements the overall campaign theme. This will be shared across our social networks, as well as form part of our email marketing campaign, SEO optimization is important.

Branded and valued Ebook:

We require branded and valued ebook which will be given for free to all traffic and leads.

Magazine Ad: Copy and design required for full colour advertisement for marketing, incorporating your branding and marketing campaign theme.

3- Target Audience: Specify who the marketing campaign is targeted at.

Example: Your marketing campaign is aimed at insured online marketer worldwide.

4- Deadlines: Include all your important dates and deadlines, and remember to include buffers for your approval process and any changes.

5- Important Consideration: List important brand guidelines, including the tone of your messaging, your color restrictions, design style, fonts your marketing business is restricted to, ect.

6- Restrictions: Provide examples of what to avoid, especially where imagery containing conflicting branding cannot be used.

7- Resources: Provide a comprehensive list of everything that you intend to supply to your service provider to get the job going, including logos, images and diagrams. Logos and other designs should preferably be in vector format and photos in high-res.

Marketing Campaign Execution.

Your plans are in place, your goals set and your collateral created. What is next?

Execution is easy if your stick to your marketing campaign plan and adhere to all your deadlines. But marketing campaign execution is about more than just following a schedule. Constant monitoring is key. These best practices will keep you on the right track:

  1. Track Your Progress: From social media engagement to your email open and click rate, as well as your website analytics-your marketing campaign’s performance against the targets you had originally set.
  2. Don’t solely focus on your marketing campaign and ignore everything else. The marketing campaign supports your business objectives and should be treated as a piece in the puzzle of your regular communications and marketing activities.
  3. Don’t flog dead horse. If some of your marketing campaign doesn’t work- low engagement rate on social media or low email response – tweak the content until you get the desire result.
  4. Personalise. People pay attention to seeing and hearing their own name. Work personalization into your marketing campaign for the best results.
  5. Keep your marketing campaign short. Keep your call to action simple.
  6. Ensure that your sales team has a thorough understanding of your marketing campaign. Your sales team needs to support your marketing campaign objectives. They deal directly with your customers. After all.

Remember, planning is key and integrating a variety of marketing engines is vital to the success of your marketing campaign. If you are unsure of what to do, speak to some business peers or ask your team for ideas. You don’t have to do it alone!

Marketing Campaign Killers.

Learn About Marketing Campaign

Learn our essentials for making marketing campaign work, including:

  • Keywords – how to find profitable keywords and how to categorize them.
  • How to write an exciting and compelling marketing campaign.
  • Marketing campaign placement — How to get your marketing campaign ranking in the top four positions for maximum exposure.
  • How to design your landing page (the page your marketing campaign links to) to win maximum brownie points with the search engines.
  • How to track your conversions so you can learn which marketing campaign is doing well and which one aren’t.

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