MaxCPA Review

MaxCPA is a popular CPA Affiliate Network, where affiliates can make money by promoting offers/affiliate links. It provides tonnes of offers to affiliates that they can promote to earn money. The payout rates for offers vary for countries. However, if we consider the overall rates then i could say the rates offered by MaxCPA are high.

MaxCPA offers both incentive and non-incentive offers, so, its always up to you to select the type of offers you want to promote. Since it is a global affiliate network, so, it accepts worldwide affiliates. On MaxCPA, it doesn’t matter where you live or from where your traffic comes. If you can promote their offers then you can join this affiliate network. It has lots of offers for over 200 countries.

MaxCPA is not limited to affiliate links/offers. In addition to that it also offers locking service. With their locking tools you can protect your premium content and monetize them easily. You can lock your files, links and even content. If you have any premium content/thing that you don’t want to give to your visitors for free then you can lock it with their locking tools.

Their locking tools lock your premium content and make it accessible to visitors only when they complete a simple offer, survey or task. It is one of the simplest thing that you can do as an affiliate. I have many friends who lock their downloadable files and generate good earnings from them.

So, if you have any website where you are giving your premium files or content for free then its time to monetize them.

Easy Sign Up And Approval:

The sign and approval process on MaxCPA is quick and easy. However, the registration form is little lengthy and asks you to submit lots of details. The rest process is quick. So, to sign up on MaxCPA, you just need to fill up their registration form and submit it. After that you will receive an account activation link on your registered email that you’ll have to click to activate your account.

Once your account is activated then you can start promoting their affiliate links to earn money.

Offers Multiple Tools:

As being a CPA affiliate network and locking service, it offers some great tools that you can use to monetize your content. The tools offered by MaxCPA are file locker, link locker and link optimizer. These locking tools allow you to lock your premium content. You can also optimize and manage your links, files and content anytime.

Detailed Stats Reporting System:

MaxCPA offers a good detailed stats reporting system where you can see daily, weekly, monthly or even time based reports of your CPA offers. Its stats reporting system shows date, clicks, leads, earnings, EPC, CR%, conversions, average CPA. It also offers a graph where you can see time based stats of your offers.

MaxCPA also offers a separate stats section for locker activities where you can see reports of all your locked content.

Low Minimum Payout:

This is one the best thing about this network. They offer a very low minimum payout to affiliates. This low minimum payout limit lets new affiliates to easily reach it and withdraw their earnings. It also keeps them motivated.

There’s another good thing of having this low minimum payout limit. This low minimum payout limit lets affiliates to easily test the reliability of this network. And, also this build up confidence in them to use this network without being worry about payments.

The minimum payout limit on MaxCPA is only 5$.

Flexible Payment Terms:

MaxCPA doesn’t like giving any kind of inconvenience to affiliates and therefore, it offers flexible payment terms to them. On MaxCPA, affiliates can withdraw their earnings on Net 30, Net 15 or Net 7 terms.

Multiple Payment Options:

MaxCPA likes paying affiliates on their preferred payment options and for this it offers multiple payment options to them. The payment options offered by it are PayPal, Payza, Payoneer, Skrill and Wire Transfer

Offers A Referral Program:

Like some other top affiliate network, MaxCPA also likes offering some additional earning opportunities to affiliates. They offer a good 6% referral commission program which lets affiliates to make some additional income through their network.

Affiliates can refer their friends or colleagues to MaxCPA to take advantage of this great opportunity.

MaxCPA Details At A Glance:

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