MiriMedia Review

MiriMedia is a mobile performance network where affiliates can monetize their mobile traffic effectively. It offers high paying monetization solutions to affiliates. Since, it is a performance network, so, it pays affiliates only for generating leads and hence, it offers them higher rates.

MiriMedia is a global affiliate network, so, worldwide affiliates can join this network and monetize their mobile traffic. It has lots of worldwide advertising partners which let them provide you best offers with highest payout rates. On MiriMedia, you get lots of offers to promote. These offers are of various verticals and are available for worldwide traffic. You can even find exclusive offers for your country or Geo. In addition to that they have all kind of offers, from high paying offers to simple low paying offers. So, this network works best for both professional and new affiliates.

Apart from high paying offers, MiriMedia also offers some other great facilities to affiliates like easy to use interface, useful tools, detailed stats reporting system, two different payment options, easy account approval and dedicated support.

MiriMedia Review

There are various reasons to join this network:

Lots of High Paying Global Offers:

Since, MiriMedia has lots of worldwide advertising partners, so, it provides lots of high paying offers to affiliates. At the time of writing this review, it had 600+ live offers for affiliates to promote. These offers were from various verticals like entertainment, shopping, lifestyle, gaming, travel etc. There are various other categories available on this network which you can check in your account.

As far as the payout rates are concerned, they vary for offers. But, if we see overall rates then payout rates are average for most offers. There are lots of CPI offers available on this network, so, if you like CPI offers then you can give this network a try.

Easy Account Approval:

Unlike some other affiliate networks which follow very strict guideline to approve affiliate accounts, MiriMedia likes keeping it simple. They ask you all necessary details in their sign up form and after reviewing it they approve/disapprove your account.

MiriMedia has liberal terms, so, if you fill up their form properly with the required details then you will get easy approval on this network.

They are quick in reviewing affiliates applications. Usually they review all affiliates applications within 24 hours of submission. In my case they took around 4 hours to approve my application.

Also, if you want to get instant approval then you can contact them. They have a very friendly staff. My account manager is very friendly and she answers all my queries quickly. So, if you have any doubt regarding their service then you can contact them anytime.

Offers Necessary Tools:

MiriMedia offers two necessary tools for monetizing and tracking you conversions. The tools offered by MiriMedia are Postbacks and API.

Detailed Stats Reporting System:

In an affiliate network, your stats reporting system should be advanced and provide all necessary details. And, in this case MiriMedia gets full marks. It offers a detailed stats reporting system which shows general and conversion reports.

Its stats reporting system also offers various filters that you can use to filter out your reports for better analysis.

Flexible Payment Terms:

MiriMedia is one of the networks who offer flexible payment terms based on the affiliates performance. So, the better you perform, the quicker you will get paid.

It pays its affiliates on Net 30, Net 15 and Net 7 terms.

Two Different Payment Options:

MiriMedia offers two different payment options to affiliates so that they can easily withdraw their earnings. The payment options offered by it are PayPal and Wire Transfer.

MiriMedia Details At A Glance:

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