NAMoffers Review

NAMoffers is a premium affiliate network which has over 8 years of experience in the affiliate marketing field. It was started in 2009 and now it has become one of the very trusted affiliate network in the digital marketplace.

It is a kind of personal network with which affiliates can succeed in affiliate marketing. They provide advanced platform and professional environment to affiliates which help them to easily monetize their traffic with effective solutions.

With NAMoffers affiliates can generate higher revenue as it provides lots of high paying offers and premium tools to them. They provide offers of almost all verticals so you can monetize your any niche website or app with them. Also, the high quantity of offers gives you the flexibility to select and promote the best offers of your choice.

Since, it is a global affiliate network so it provides offers for all countries. So, affiliates from any part of the world can monetize their traffic with them. Also, they accept all niche websites as far as they look professional, update on daily basis, provide nice user interface and comply with their terms.

They don’t have very hard and fast affiliate requirements. If you are an affiliate who has little experience in affiliate marketing then you can get easy approval from them. To get approval on their network, you just need to fill up their sign up form properly and then they will contact you via Skype or phone. Then, you will have to answer their few simple questions. After that if they find you suitable for their network then you will get approval to use their network.

Apart from high paying offers and easy affiliate requirements, they also provide various great facilities to affiliates. These facilities include timely payouts, multiple payment options, detailed stats reporting system, multiple tools, dedicated account manager and a referral program.

There are various other benefits of joining this network:

For Advertisers:

If you are looking to promote your campaigns on a platform where you can get the maximum return on investments then NAMoffers is a great place for you. It is a performance marketing network where you can accomplish your marketing goals. They have over 8 years of experience in this field and therefore, they know the needs of advertisers and how to fulfill them.

They provide an advanced platform to advertisers where they can easily target quality traffic for their campaigns. Since, it is a performance network, so, here you pay only for results.

On NAMoffers you can target new customers for your business or you can drive more sales and leads. Since, it is a global affiliate network, so, it has lots affiliates from all over the world. These affiliates are capable of delivering high quality traffic to your campaigns, which will result in higher leads and sales for you.

Since, NAMoffers works only with potential affiliates, so, it delivers only the quality traffic to advertisers campaigns. They review all affiliate applications properly before allowing them to promote advertisers campaigns.

With NAMoffers you can target traffic from any country. It also provides a great support to advertisers so that they can get instant help and better optimize their campaigns. They allocate dedicated account managers to all advertisers accounts to provide quick support to them.

A Reliable Affiliate Network:

As i have already said above NAMoffers was started in 2009 and since then it is running successfully. Any affiliate network without a good reputation in the market cannot survive for that long period of time. So, you can understand this network is reliable.

Also, it has lots of positive reviews all around the web which show that how good is this affiliate network. You can read its reviews on various forums, affiliate network directories and review websites.

Lots Of High Paying Offers:

Since, NAMoffers is a premium affiliate network so it provides lots of high paying and trending offers to affiliates. It has offers of almost all verticals, so, affiliates can easily select the best offers of their choice to promote.

At the time of writing this review it had 600+ live offers to promote which are enough for an affiliate to select the offers of their choice to promote. As far as the rates are concerned, they have all kind of offers from high paying offers to simple low paying offers.

Also, at the time of writing this review, the highest paying offer was paying 300$ for completing action.

Detailed Stats Reporting System:

NAMoffers provides a very detailed stats reporting system to affiliates where they can generate various kind of reports. On their stats reporting system affiliates can generate performance, conversion and referral reports. Also, there’s a saved report option where affiliates can see their saved reports.

Their stats reporting system shows offer, impressions, clicks, conversions, payout, CTR, CR, sub id, time etc. It also offers various filters that you can use to breakdown your reports for easy analysis.

There is also a graph which shows detailed stats of the offers you are promoting. Their graph also offers various filters and presentations. You can generate bar graph, line graph or pie-chart of your stats.

Multiple Tools:

It being a premium affiliate network offers multiple tools to affiliates so that they can easily increase their earnings and keep track of their stats. The tools offered by NAMoffers are ad groups, mobile app, APIs and pixels/postbacks.

Timely Payouts And Flexible Payment Terms:

NAMoffers knows the importance of timely payments for affiliates and therefore, it is their highest priority to pay affiliates on time. Not only this, they even offer flexible payment terms to affiliates so that affiliates can get paid even quicker.

By default all payments are made on Net 30 terms. However, affiliates can apply for quicker payment terms.

Multiple Payment Options:

NAMoffers doesn’t like giving any kind of inconvenience to its affiliates and therefore, it provides them various payment options to withdraw their earnings. The payment options offered by it are PayPal, Check, Direct Deposit and Wire Transfer.

A Referral Program For Additional Income:

NAMoffers provides additional opportunity to affiliates to earn additional money by promoting their network. They offer a 3% referral commission program to affiliates.

NAMoffers Details At A Glance:

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