Email Niche Marketing: 10 Steps To Building A Extremely Targeted And Responsive Opt-In List

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We’ve all heard it that as a way to stay in online businesses like niche marketing , email marketing, etc you need to develop a Targeted ‘Opt-In’ list. Well… I truly must agree with which simply because this is when you’ll have a consistent supply of FREE Targeted traffic (also referred to as ‘Sticky Traffic’) to market your offers or related information to for many years.

It is just smart, wouldn’t you say?

And, we all know that ‘Email’ is where the $MONEY$ is really made in terms of marketing or niche marketing your online businesses because it gives you the opportunity to Follow-Up your potential customers until they end up buying from you. But, the situation that usually takes place is that folks don’t know where to start with regards to building their own targeted Opt-In list.

Now, for anyone that are new Internet marketing and do not know what an ‘Opt-In’ list is, is really a quick definition:

An ‘Opt-In’ list is simply database of people’s Names and Email Addresses which may have subscribed to a message list via a web form giving that list owner permission to transmit them periodic emails on the topic they are enthusiastic about.

Notice how I said, “giving that list owner permission to deliver them email”.

When they subscribe to your Opt-In list these are giving you permission for you them offers or related information on trading they are considering, this is whets called ‘Permission Email Niche Marketing’ .

This could be the ABSOLUTE safest form of email marketing where you won’t get accused of ‘SPAM’.

This is essential that you understand why from the beginning.

So, now that you’ve got a clear idea in mind of what an Opt-In list is and the way it will benefit You and your company, I guess it’s time to share with you the easy ‘Ten Step Process of Email Niche Marketing’ that I have put together for you on How-To create your own targeted Opt-In list that you can email your offers to at any given time for $Profit$.

  1. The first step of email niche marketing is picking your Target market or Niche.This is definitely an important step as this is where you’ll want to figure out who your target audience is likely to be for your Product or Service you’re planning to offer. So, for instance, if I was thinking about selling a novel related to Internet Marketing, well, my target audience would be Internet Marketing related.
  2. Can your Target market or Niche be reach online? This step is where you need to do some on-line research on whether or not your particular marketplace can be reached online. In order to accomplish this you’ll want to do some key phrase research using keywords related to your marketplace. You can do this by using the Overture niche research tool located with the URL I’ve provided below. Simply enter the niche marketing keywords associated with your marketplace in the form provided. This gives you a detailed good reputation for how many searches are actually made within the last 30 days on the keywords linked to your audience.  As an over-all rule, should your targeted keywords aren’t getting 15,000 or more searches a month, this is a market I wouldn’t pursue due to the fact there isn’t much need for it.
  3. Are they creating wealth in this Niche?This is where you need to do some research on your competition to find out if people are spending any money in this Niche.You can do this by likely to Google at and type with your targeted keywords related to your Niche in the form provided. This gives you a list of serp’s. Those email address particulars are your competition, but a lot more important, to the right you’ll notice little ads. These are paid ads offered through Google Adwords. This implies that somebody will to pay to market and is paying attention to this particular Niche and must be earning profits if they’re willing to pay for advertising. That’s good news to suit your needs.
  4. Use Forums to get your Target markets problems.Forums are a good place to locate out just what your customers TOP complaints are by simply scanning their posts and looking for the most common threads. By accomplishing this you’ll be able to know without delay what your target markets TOP problems are and the way you can help solve their problem.To find Forums related to your Niche simply visit Google and type inside your targeted keywords with ‘+ forums’ after your keyword. (Ex. online marketing + forums)
  5. What’s keeping them from getting what they desire?This is the place you must figure out what’s keeping them from getting what they want to be able to fix the problems they’re dealing with, meaning, this is where you should work with them to locate a solution to their problems. Whether it’s a Product they want or a Service of some sort.
  6. What can you offer them to solve their problems? This is where the money is being spent. Now, one and only thing you need as a way to receive your share of the revenue is really a Product or Service which will solve your potential prospects problem. If you do not possess a Product or Service of your personal don’t get discouraged.I’m likely to give you two resources where you can find products that you can become a joint venture partner for which are related to any Niche which will pay you a commission for each sale you make through referring your visitors to their website.The two websites to visit are and
  7. Set-Up an easy direct response mini-site.Here is how you Set-Up your lead generating website having a Follow-Up System that your potential customers will come to an Opt-In for your list to begin receiving offers or related information on the topic or problem these are having.This is definitely a simple process to perform and it is possible to view my website as one example of how one could look. If you don’t know how to construct your own website you are able to always hire someone to complete it for you by going to…
  8. Get an Auto-Responder account.This is the place you’ll be laying the building blocks down for the list.You MUST have an Auto-Responder account Set-Up before you make your mini-site go live because this is where your prospective customers are going to come and submit their Name and Email Address so you could start building a list to transmit your offers or related information to. So, don’t miss this important step.
  9. You should figure out what ‘Bait’ to use.What I mean by ‘Bait’ is… what are you likely to offer them for FREE to obtain them to subscribe to your Opt-In list. Here are a few examples, you can use as ‘Bait’: eBooks, special reports, mini-courses, coupons, etc. These will be the most common. It really is dependent upon who you’re targeting, so use your imagination.
  10.  Reach out to your target market.This will be the part in places you send traffic to your website as a way to get subscribers. I’m likely to mention only two methods. These methods would be the most POWERFUL and for good reason, they work.The first method is Writing Articles.By Writing Articles you’re showing your audience that you are someone that knows how to help solve their problem and may have a possible solution on their behalf. This could be the quickest way to build INSTANT credibility within your Niche.The second method is to transmit targeted traffic to your mini-site through Pay-Per-Click engines like Google.Pay-Per-Click search engines are that you bid on the keywords terms in connection with your audience and are listed in accordance with the highest bid to the keyword term. By using PPC search engines like Google, it’s going to get you in front of your marketplace instantly.Writing articles offers you INSTANT credibility and may put you in front of a huge number of readers, and Pay-Per-Click engines like Google send you HIGHLY targeted people to your website within minutes depending on which PPC internet search engine you are using.The More traffic you send for a website, the more subscribers you’ll receive. It’s merely a numbers game.
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