Oppur2nity Review

Oppur2unity is a performance marketing network. It provides opportunity to both affiliates and advertisers to use their platform for getting maximum returns on their investments. As an affiliate on Oppur2nity, you can monetize your worldwide traffic with high quality offers which are unique and offer high EPC. This results in higher earnings for affiliates.

Oppur2nity selects only the best offers for affiliates and therefore, they provide them limited offers which actually work for them. Their offers are of high quality and convert well. Also, most of the offers present on their network offer high payout rates, so, if you are looking for an affiliate network with high paying offers then you can give a try to this network.

Apart from the high quality of offers, they also provide some good handy tools that let you maximize your earnings and track your offers effectively. I will talk about the offered tools later in this review.

Oppur2nity directly works with worldwide advertisers which let them offer unique offers with highest payouts and best payment terms. They believe in providing best service to their clients and therefore, in addition to various great facilities they also provide great support to them. They allocate a dedicated account manager to each and every affiliate and advertiser account to offer them best support. Their experienced affiliate managers help affiliates and advertisers to optimize their campaigns for higher ROI.

For Advertisers:

Oppur2nity provides a great opportunity to advertisers to accomplish their marketing goals. They offer them an advanced platform with full transparency and integrity where they can easily promote their campaigns and generate higher leads than anywhere else.

Since, Oppur2nity is a performance marketing network, so, here advertisers pay only for results. If you don’t get results then there’s no need to pay. It is a CPA network, so, you only pay for actions or leads. This brings higher ROI for advertisers without wasting their money on other advertising platforms.

Oppur2nity provides an advanced platform to advertisers where they can create and promote their campaigns easily. They also offer various targeting options and some handy set of tools which brings you higher returns on investments. Also, their dedicated support team always remains there to optimize your campaigns for best possible results. They allocate dedicated account managers to each and every advertiser account to provide best support to them.

In addition to the above mentioned facilities, they also offer a great stats reporting system where you can track the stats of your campaigns. Also, they offer various payment options to load your accounts quickly and easily. For more info regarding advertising you can contact their support.

Oppur2nity Review

Unique And High Paying Offers:

Oppur2nity provides limited but unique, high quality and high paying offers to affiliates. Their all offers have high payout rates which help affiliates to easily earn higher income from their network. They have offers of various verticals, so, affiliates can easily promote them on their different niche websites, apps and even on email or phone.

At the time of writing this review, they had 100+ live offers for affiliates to promote. And, the payout rates for almost all offers were high. At the time of review, their highest paying offer was paying 275$ for generating lead. There were several other very high paying offers that you can check inside your affiliate account.

Easy Account Approval:

Though, Oppur2nity works only with experienced affiliates but you can still get easy approval from them by providing all necessary details in their registration form and answering their simple questions. If you are good in promoting stuffs then you will surely get approval from them.

Multiple Monetization and Tracking Tools:

As i have already mentioned above they offer some handy set of tools to affiliates that they can use to maximize their earnings.

The tools offered by this network are Ad Groups, Mobile Apps, APIs, Pixels/Postbacks and Billing & Invoices.

Detailed Stats Reporting System:

Oppur2nity provides a very detailed stats reporting system to affiliates where they can generate different types of reports. On their stats reporting system affiliates can generate performance, conversion and referral reports. There’s also an option of ‘saved reports’ where you can see your periodically saved reports.

Their stats reporting system shows all the necessary stats like offer, impressions, clicks, conversions, payout, CTR, CR etc. It also offers a graph where you can see stats for different time periods. Also, their graph lets you generate bar graph, pie-chart and line graph. So, its up to you see your stats on your preferred graphs.

There are also various filters available to filter out your reports for better analysis.

Fast Payments:

Since, nobody likes getting paid on Net 30, Net 45 or Net 60 terms and therefore, Oppur2nity likes paying its affiliates on much faster payment terms. They pay their affiliates on Net 7 and weekly basis.

Two Different Payment Options:

On Oppur2nity affiliates can withdraw their earnings using two different payment options. The payment options offered by it are PayPal and Direct Deposit.

Competitive Referral Program:

Oppur2nity provide a great opportunity to affiliates to earn some extra income from their network by simply promoting it. They offer a very competitive 5% referral commission program to affiliates. So, if you can bring new affiliates or advertisers to their network then you can earn some extra income from their network.

Oppur2nity Details At A Glance:

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