PaidAffs Review

PaidAffs is a CPA affiliate network which provides multiple monetization solutions to affiliates and maximum ROI to advertisers. It is a global affiliate network, so, affiliates can monetize their worldwide traffic with them and advertisers can promote their campaigns to any part of the world.

PaidAffs provides an advanced platform to affiliates and advertisers where they can easily monetize their traffic and run their campaigns respectively. Its platform offers various effective tools that affiliates and advertisers can use to optimize and track their campaigns.

For Affiliates:

PaidAffs provides a great opportunity to worldwide affiliates to monetize their traffic with their effective multiple monetization solutions. It provides a wide range of selected offers to affiliates that can generate higher revenue for them. They check all offers for quality, payouts, conversion and pricing models before making them available for affiliates.

Their key focus is to provide maximum profit to affiliates and therefore, they mostly select the offers based on CPA, CPL and CPI pricing models. Since, it is a global affiliate network, so, it provides lots of worldwide offers to affiliates. These worldwide offers let affiliates to monetize their worldwide traffic.

In addition to their high quality offers, they also offer some smart tools that you can use to increase your earnings by a huge margin. They offer smart link, banner ad code and native ad code that you can use on websites and apps to easily monetize them. They also offer some other tools that you can use to track your offers.

PaidAffs also offers some great facilities to affiliates that make this network a must join network for affiliates. These facilities include fast payments, multiple payment options, multiple tools, sufficient number of offers of various verticals, easy account approval, live stats and dedicated support.

For Advertisers:

PaidAffs is a great platform for advertisers to give exposure to their campaigns. They provide all sort of tools to advertisers that they can use to effectively run their campaigns. Also, their dedicated and experienced account managers help advertisers to optimize their campaigns for maximum ROI.

PaidAffs works with trusted affiliates only, who can deliver high quality traffic to advertisers campaigns. Since, it is a global affiliate network, so, it has hundreds of affiliates from all over the world. These affiliates let them to deliver high quality worldwide traffic to advertisers campaigns. Since, PaidAffs has lots of worldwide affiliates, so, advertisers can promote their campaigns in any part of the world.

They offer various advertising models including CPA, CPS, CPL, CPI, CPM and CPC so you can select the best advertising model of your choice for your campaigns. PaidAffs works with all verticals including adult, so, advertisers can promote their any kind of campaigns on their network.

Apart from high quality traffic and multiple optimization tools, they also offer some great facilities to advertisers. These facilities include advanced advertising platform, multiple payment options, high protection against fraud, live stats and dedicated support.

PaidAffs Review

Easy Account Approval:

Unlike many other affiliate networks, PaidAffs doesn’t have very hard and fast requirements for affiliates. Also, they have liberal terms as compared to most of the other affiliate networks where affiliates have to follow very strict guidelines.

PaidAffs believes in generating profit for all of its clients, affiliates and advertisers. Therefore, they provide easy account approval to them.

Any affiliate who is looking to monetize his/her traffic can join this network. Since, it is a global affiliate network, so, affiliates from all parts of the world are welcome to join this network.

As an affiliate you just need to fill up their registration form properly to get approval from them. They review all affiliate applications and if they find them compatible for their network then they approve their accounts. Usually they approve all affiliates who have some quality traffic, niche websites or apps.

Note: To get approval on this network, try to provide as much detail as possible in registration form. Also, you can contact their senior affiliate manager for faster review of your account.

Sufficient Number Of Offers Of Various Verticals:

PaidAffs provide sufficient number offers to affiliates so that they can select the best offers of their choice to promote. They have offers from almost all verticals, so, affiliates can easily monetize their various niche websites. Also, they have above average payouts for all offers.

They have all types of offers from high paying to simple low paying offers, so, its always up to affiliates to promote the kind of offers they want.

At the time of writing this review, it had 250+ live offers for affiliates.

Multiple Monetizing And Tracking Tools:

On PaidAffs, you will never fell short of tools. It has all necessary tools that affiliates seek from any affiliate network. It has both monetization and tracking tools. Their smart monetization tools are good and can be easily used by new affiliates on their websites.

The tools offered by PaidAffs are smart link, native ad code, banner ad code, CallBack and API.

Detailed Stats Reporting System:

PaidAffs offers one of the best stats reporting system in the industry where you can see all necessary stats of your offers. Their stats reporting system shows all stats in real time, so, you don’t have to wait any specific amount of time to see your stats changing.

It offers a widgetized reporting system where you can switch on or off various widgets. Its stats reporting system also offers a graph and a map for easy analysis of stats.

Their stats reporting system shows clicks, conversions, impressions, payout, smart links, top campaigns etc.

Fast Payments:

PaidAffs finance team knows that nobody likes waiting for payments and therefore, they pay their affiliates quickly. They process affiliate payments on weekly basis.

Multiple Payment Options:

PaidAffs likes to pay its affiliates on their preferred payment options and therefore, it offers three different payment options to them. The payment options offered by it are PayPal, Bank Wire Transfer and Paytm (For Indian Affiliates Only).

Referral Program For Additional Income:

PaidAffs offers a 5% referral commission program to affiliates so that they can earn some additional income by simply promoting their network. However, by default their referral program remains inactive and you need to contact their support to activate it for your account.

PaidAffs Details At A Glance:

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