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Everybody wants to make money online but when it comes on finding earning opportunities then affiliate networks are one of the best sources to make money. But, the main problem with the affiliate networks is, most of the affiliate network look for professional affiliates only and therefore, they do not allow new affiliates to use their platform.

So, today i am here with a very popular affiliate network which allows both new and professional affiliates to earn money through their advanced platform. This premium affiliate network is ‘PeerFly‘. If you have ever joined any affiliate forum then you might have heard about this network. Personally i have heard many affiliates saying PeerFly is a great affiliate network for the new affiliates because it provides all premium facilities and allows new affiliates to use their platform.

I am focusing more towards new affiliates just because i want them to try this network before going to any other affiliate network. This will save their time and keep them motivated. This doesn’t mean PeerFly is not good for professionals. It is as good for professional affiliates as it is for new affiliates. It provides all premium facilities to affiliates.

Network Overview:

PeerFly is a premium affiliate network which provides opportunity to affiliates to make money online by promoting high quality offers. Unlike other affiliate networks, it has a custom built platform so they don’t depend on unreliable hosted machines. This custom built platform also let them add new features that affiliates demand from them.

At the time of writing this review they had 75000+ affiliates from 165 countries. By this number of affiliates you can understand that how big is this network. Having 75000+ affiliates itself shows that affiliates like this network and the number of countries represents that they have offers for worldwide affiliates. So, you can monetize your worldwide traffic with this network.

PeerFly provides lots of high paying offers to affiliates. They offer various verticals so you can monetize your any niche websites or apps with them. They provide all sort of tools to affiliates that they can use to increase their earnings and keep track of their offers. Also, they run various contest and reward programs to keep their affiliates motivated.

Apart from high paying offers and custom tracking platform, PeerFly also offers various great facilities to affiliates like low minimum payout, flexible payment terms, multiple payment options, lots of tools, detailed stats, referral program and a great support.

For Advertisers:

PeerFly is one of the best affiliate networks with over 75000 affiliates from 165 countries. So, advertisers can promote their offers in any part of the world. Since, it is an affiliate network, so, you pay only for results.

With this network, advertisers can drive their sales, leads, registrations, app installs, and increase brand awareness of their company. Since, PeerFly is a big affiliate network, so, it works with all kind of advertisers. Whether you are a big advertiser with 500 companies or you have a small business, you can promote your products and services with this network.

So far, PeerFly has generated over 8 million leads, which is huge. So, you can understand you can promote anything with them. They provide a custom built and easy to use platform to advertisers where they can create, promote and track their campaigns.

PeerFly offers flat-rate sales, multiple payment options, detailed stats reporting system, dedicated support and multiple payment options. It is an award winning network, you can check various awards list that they have got in past few years on their advertisers page.

There are various other advertising benefits that you can check on their website.

PeerFly Review

There are various simple reasons to join this network:

An Award Winning Affiliate Network:

PeerFly is an award winning network which has won many awards during last few years. These awards are enough to show how good is this network. So, it would be great for you to work with such a network which is popular, reliable and award winning.

Lots Of High Paying Offers:

PeerFly provides lots of high paying offers to worldwide affiliates. So, affiliates can can monetize their worldwide traffic with this network. Also, they have offers of various verticals so you can promote these offers on various niche websites or apps.

At the time of writing this review, it had 3000+ live offers to promote. This huge number of offers gives the freedom to affiliates to select and promote the offers of their choice.

As far as the payout rates are concerned, PeerFly has all kind of offers from high paying offers to simple low paying offers. So, its always up to you to promote the kind of offers you want.

Detailed Stats Reporting System:

PeerFly’s custom built platform provides a great stats reporting system which shows detailed stats of your offers. With its stats reporting system you can generate general reports and click data based reports. There’s also an archive option which shows reports and earnings on data older than 6 months.

Its stats reporting system offers various filters that you can use to generate specific section reports for better analysis. Also, its stats reporting system shows details like unique clicks, raw clicks, conversion, CR, EPC, payout, sub id etc.

Various Monetization And Tracking Tools:

It being a premium affiliate network offers some great tools to affiliates that they can use to monetize their traffic and track their stats. Some of the tools offered by it are banner rotator, content locker, split test links, apps, API feeds and Global Postback.

Low Minimum Payout:

PeerFly likes keeping everything simple for affiliates and therefore, they offer a low minimum payout to them. The minimum payout limit on PeerFly is only 50$, so, affiliates can easily reach this total and withdraw their earnings.

Flexible Payment Terms:

PeerFly offers flexible payment terms to affiliates so that they can quickly withdraw their earnings. They pay affiliates on Net 30, Net 15 and Net 7 terms. By default their payment frequency is Net 30 but you can contact your account manager if you want to get paid more quickly.

Multiple Payment Options:

Like its low minimum payout and flexible payment terms, here also it likes keeping everything easy for affiliates. It offers multiple payment options to affiliates so that they can easily withdraw their earnings on their preferred payment options.

The various payment options offered by it are PayPal, Bitcoin, Payoneer, Wire Transfer, ACH, Check, and Amazon Gift Card.

A Referral Program:

PeerFly provides additional opportunity to affiliates to earn some extra cash from their network. They offer a good 5% referral commission program that affiliates can use to earn some additional income from their network. However, their referral program is not a lifetime program, it is limited to 1 year only.

PeerFly Details At A Glance:

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