What are the Plus and Minus of a convection oven?

The stove is doing its own and you need to evaluate your purchasing options? If you’re tempted to buy a convection oven, this detailed overview will help you get a clearer picture.

The convection oven works with one or more fans, allowing hot air to circulate inside. How does this function differ from traditional electric ovens? By circulating the hot air evenly, the cooking of food is accelerated, the heat is better distributed and you get better results. The best microwave oven in India cooks food by passing microwaves (electromagnetic waves) through the water content foods. Conventional ovens, on the other hand, generally have only one heating element, which does not always allow such constant and precise cooking.

We distinguish regular convection ovens with two heating elements from “real” convection ovens since the latter usually contain a third heating element, located near the fan at the back of the oven. The heat therefore circulates even better. With a convection oven, your dishes will be cooked to perfection!

How the convection oven works?

The fans built into the convection oven circulate the hot air inside the oven, to propel this heat all around the food. Thanks to the process called “heat exchange” which means the transfer of heat from hot air to food, food cooks faster. Therefore, the heat is constant since the air circulates it continuously and does not vary, even if the dish is placed on the top grill or on the bottom grill. Unlike the traditional oven which cooks food in a more “humid” way by producing steam, convection cooking is drier.

The plus point of a convection oven

There is no doubt about the unequaled efficiency of convection ovens! Food cooks faster and at a lower temperature than the conventional oven. The time saved compared to conventional ovens is estimated at 25%. In addition, you do not need to preheat this type of oven. A big advantage, especially when you are hungry!

Along with faster use comes energy saving. Indeed, since you can cook dishes in less time and with a less hot oven, in the long run, your electricity bill could decrease significantly.

Convection ovens cook food more evenly and allow your dishes to retain more nutrients, since the air circulates around the food.

In addition, there are convection ovens that also allow you to cook your food the traditional way. Some have many settings that can make your job easier, especially when you start to learn how convection cooking works.

The negative point of a convection oven

Very expensive, convection ovens? Yes. You will need to pay a larger amount for Convection Oven than you would for a conventional oven. Note: convection ovens are even more expensive than normal ovens. Since this is a big investment in your kitchen, make sure you are well informed. In addition, since these types of ovens have several components, repairs can also be more expensive.

In addition, since convection ovens have fans, in some cases, the noise they emit bothers users.

Finally, be aware that there are certain foods that it is better to cook conventionally rather than on the convection oven. For some breads and cakes, the outside may bake faster than the inside and they may become too dry or the texture may not be appetizing at all.

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