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PointClickTrack is one of the oldest affiliate network which was started in 2008. It being an old affiliate network has lots of experience in this industry. This experience makes them ahead of most of the available networks.

On PointClickTrack, you get everything that you need as an affiliate from an affiliate network. It offers tonnes of offers, monetization and tracking tools, very low minimum payout, multiple payment options, highly sophisticated and well developed platform, detailed stats reporting system, referral program and a great support.

PointClickTrack’s website is very well developed and provides a great user experience. They have clearly mentioned everything on their website, from publishers guide to FAQ section. On their website, you get answers of all common questions of affiliates and advertisers. However, if you need any additional information then you can contact them anytime.

The best part about this affiliate network is its low minimum payout and punctuality of payments. They make payments on net 25 terms. They pay on time and every time, and if somehow they fail to pay you on time then they pay you additional 50$ as a fine for late payment. This shows how good this affiliate network is.

Apart from being an old and reliable affiliate network there are lots of other things that make this affiliate network a must join network.

Tonnes Of Offers:

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The first thing that we need from an affiliate network is, the availability of offers. In this case, PointClickTrack gets all marks as it provides lots of incent and non-incent offers. Not only this, there are offers from lots of verticals, so, you can always find the best offers of your choice to promote.

As far as the rates are considered, all offers present on PointClickTrack are high paying, so, you don’t have to worry about the payout rates.

Multiple Monetization And Tracking Tools:

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PointClickTrack offers various tools that you can use to increase your earnings and track your offers. The tools offered by PointClickTrack are Custom Tracking Domains, Content Monetizer, WallAds, Postback, Multi-Site Postback and API conversions.

Advanced Stats Reporting System:

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PointClickTrack has a very well developed platform and therefore, it offers an advanced stats reporting system where you can see the detailed stats of offers you are promoting.

On PointClickTrack, you can see Offers Report, PPC Offers Report, Leads Report and Sub Id Report.

Its stats reporting system shows offer id, offer name, clicks, impressions, leads, CTR, EPC, Revenue earned, conversion rate, total earnings etc. It also offers some filters that you can use to breakdown your reports for better analysis.

Low Minimum Payout:

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Unlike most other affiliate networks which impose high minimum payout limit, PointClickTrack offers a very low minimum payout limit to its affiliates. The minimum payout limit on PointClickTrack is only 25$, that even new affiliates can easily reach with little efforts.

Payment Frequency:

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PointClickTrack pays its affiliates quick and with no delays. To maintain their punctuality they offer a 50 buck guarantee program, where if they fail to pay you on time then they pay 50$ fine to you for late payment.

To all affiliates with monthly earnings under $2500, they pay them on Net 25 terms. However, this is not fixed ! Anytime if you need early payment then you can request your payment on Net 15 terms with a 10% fees.

To all affiliates with monthly income over $2500, they pay them on Net 15 terms.

Multiple Payment Options:

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For the ease of affiliates, PointClickTrack provides them multiple payment options to withdraw their earnings. The payment options offered by PointClickTrack are PayPal, Check, Bank Wire Transfer and ACH.

Referral Program:

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PointClickTrack offers a 2% referral commission program to affiliates. Though, this referral program doesn’t look attractive but any opportunity that lets you make some additional income is good. So, if you have friends and colleagues that can generate leads, you can refer them to PointClickTrack to earn some additional income.

Dedicated Account Manager:

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Any affiliate network with poor support is bad. In this case, again PointClickTrack gets full marks as it provides great support. They allocate affiliate managers to each and every affiliate account who always remain ready to assist their affiliates.

You can always contact your account managers via email or Skype.

PointClickTrack Details At A Glance:

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Network Type: CPA, CPL, CPS, CPI, Email Submit, Pin-Submit, Locking Service, Affiliate Network
Ad Formats: Affiliate Links, Offers
Minimum Payout: $25
Payment Frequency: Net 25, Net 15
Payment Methods: PayPal, Bank Wire Transfer, Check, ACH
Referral Program: Yes
Referral Program Details: 2% referral commission program
Payment Proof: Coming Soon
Email: info@pointclicktrack.com
Website URL: http://pointclicktrack.com

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