ProLeadsMedia Review

ProLeadsMedia is a very popular affiliate network where affiliates can take advantage of their quality service and generate maximum profit with them.

The major reason behind the popularity of this network is its quality service. As an affiliate you get over 38000 best converting offers of various verticals to promote. This quantity of offers itself defines that on ProLeadsMedia, you will always get the offers of your choice to promote as this number is huge and getting the offers of your choice from that huge quantity of offers is not difficult.

They have offers of various verticals out of which you can choose the best offers of your choice. They also give you both incent and non-incent offers, so, again you get the freedom to select the offers of your choice.

As far as the payout rates are concerned, on ProLeadsMedia, you will get all kind of offers from simple low paying offers to premium high payout offers. The only thing you need is to search the best offers of your choice from the tonnes of available offers.

Since, ProleadsMedia is a premium affiliate network, so, it provides premium facilities to affiliates. On ProleadsMedia, there is no minimum payout limit for the ease of affiliates, also, they provide multiple tools that you can use to increase your earnings and keep track of your offers.

There are various reasons to join ProLeadMedia:

Huge Quantity Of Best Converting Offers:

The first thing that we seek from a good affiliate network is the quantity and quality of offers. There’s no worth of joining an affiliate network where you can’t find suitable offers of your choice to promote. But, here’s the case is totally different. ProLeadsMedia provides you tonnes of offers of various verticals to promote.

At the time of writing this review ProLeadsMedia had 38656 live offers to promote. Isn’t it enough ?. This quantity of offers gives affiliates the freedom to select the offers of their choice. It also provide you both incent and non-incent offers to promote, so, there’s no need to worry about anything.

As far as payout rates are concerned, i have already said above they have all kind of offers from low payout to high payout, so, its always up to you to select and promote the offers of your choice.

A Reliable Affiliate Network:

The other important thing that we seek from an affiliate network is its reliability. To simply check the reliability of this affiliate network, you can search about its reviews.

It has lots of positive reviews and payment proofs available online. Apart from it, if you have any query about their service then you can contact them directly they provide one on one support.

Multiple Tools:

It being a premium affiliate network provides you multiple tools to increase your earnings and keep track of offers you are promoting. The tools offered by ProLeadsMedia are Postback, APIv2, API, and Export.

Live And Detailed Stats Reporting System:

Since, ProLeadsMedia is a premium affiliate network, so, it has all premium facilities for affiliates. It offers a detailed live stats reporting system to affiliates where they can see Lead Summary based Report, SubId Detail Report and Event Detail Report.

Its stats reporting system shows offer id, clicks, unique clicks, leads, events, total earnings, EPC, subid, timestamp, commission etc.

Its stats reporting system also offers a graph which makes it easier to track your progress and take necessary actions to improve your earnings.

No Minimum Payout:

Where most of the affiliate networks set a high minimum payout limit for affiliates, ProLeadsMedia gives them complete freedom from any kind of minimum payout limit.

On ProLeadsMedia, whatever you have in your account you can withdraw it. This no minimum payout limit not just let you easily withdraw your earnings but it also lets you test the quality of this affiliate network.

On Time Payments:

Timely affiliate payouts make an affiliate network a premium affiliate network. ProLeadsMedia never misses a payout and pays its affiliates on time and every time. They pay their affiliates on Net 30 terms.

Multiple Payment Options:

Again ProLeadsMedia doesn’t like giving any kind of inconvenience to its affiliates. It offers 3 different payment options to affiliates, so, that they can easily withdraw their earnings.

The payment options offered by ProLeadsMedia are PayPal, Bank Wire Transfer and Check (US only).

Its Not Over Yet, Earn Additional Income By Referring People:

In addition to tonnes of high converting offers, ProLeadsMedia provides additional opportunity to affiliates to earn some extra income by referring people to ProLeadsMedia.

However, their referral program is not very attractive but they offer one, so, you can earn some extra money by referring your friends, colleagues or other affiliates to join it.

It offers a 2% referral commission program to affiliates.

ProLeadsMedia Details At A Glance:

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