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 What Is Qualified Prospect

  If your MLM business relies on cold calls, referrals, instant messenger communications, and e-mails you already know the importance of properly qualifying prospects. You need to learn about your prospect and their needs and then figure out how your product meets those needs. That means you need a qualified prospect.

Where And How To Find Qualified Prospect.

 A qualified prospect is a person (or business) who needs or wants your productbecause it satisfies a need or solves some problem they have. How will your prospect know if what you’re offering is going to help? They’ve never heard of you or your product until you contacted them. They’ll know because you’ve done your homework before contacting them and know what will enhance their business. That’s where good solid Internet research comes in handy. Now you start getting to know your prospect, or in other words, you start relationship marketing. Over time talking to them, you’ll get a clear picture about them and their needs, and you’ll know if you want to work with them on your Team. REMEMBER: Your products and your service and how you offer it and conduct business is your business and you don’t want just anyone to help you build it.

Don’t Waste Your Time To Convince Your Qualified Prospect

 Some will let you know right away they aren’t interested. Some will call you names. Some simply don’t understand how you could possibly help them, until you educate them. And here’s something you need to know and work WITH, not against. Some prospects for your Team will rule themselves out with their questions to you. For instance: How hard do I have to work to make any money? How fast can I make money? Is this an MLM scheme? You’ll know right away your business isn’t for them. Why? Because they will not work to make your business work for them or for you. And you’re not in business to lose business or customers. Don’t waste countless hours trying to convince people to work with you. They either want to because they recognize the value of the opportunity or they don’t want to and hounding them isn’t going to make any difference.

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