How to Publish 2X more Blog Posts every week without getting burned out.

I hear this a lot from new bloggers and writers. They are excited to write new blog posts everyday, they have new blog and they have that new project fire.

They get burned out after few weeks and stop blogging altogether. Now the abandoned blogs are like a zombies of the internet.

To get good success blogging you need to be committed and pump new blog posts every day. Not necessarily on your blog, maybe a guest post or a contribution for leading publication online.

This can be very overwhelming for new writers but this is worth it in long term. That is when you start making money from your blog.

How to do this?

I have listed out some essential points to publish 2X more blog posts every week without getting burned out.

1. Plan out your writing in advice

I don’t think its a good idea to start a blog without clear cut plans on what to publish to keep readers hooked. You need to know exactly what posts you’re going to be writing and when.

Be flexible with it, but taking time to plan is the only way to make yourself write.

Try to make a writing schedule each day. Block this time for writing and avoid all the distraction and start writing.

Writing 6 blog posts each week can increase traffic dramatically . So 6 posts, every week, for a 24 blog posts every month.

2. Find new blog topics

Trying to find topic can be hard, but there is no limit for your creativity !

Every conversation, part of a book or news article is an inspiration for new blog post.

What I suggest is, you can write any new idea that you on a writing pad or Evernote. Ideas can strike you anytime, you should not let it slide from your memory.

You can always steal ideas form your competitors.

Buzzsumo and Ubersuggest are some great tool to search top articles for a given keyword.

3. Review your day’s post the night before

This is a part of my daily ritual. Every night, I sit down to review my To Do list for the following day and read through the sketch of the day’s blog post. Where possible, I fill in the sketch with additional notes and start thinking about the format and content.

I try to set a clear time limit on this – no more than 30 minutes before I hit the sack. This is the last scheduled preparation time though, so I know that it’s crucial to put in the effort.

I tend to get my best ideas at night, which makes doing this right before bed particularly productive. It also just gets the juices going so that I’m running through the post in my mind when I fall asleep, and without fail – I wake up feeling pretty much ready to write.

4. Follow a three day share schedule

I try to share each post for two days, multiple times. I’ll tweet links, quotes, images and excerpts on the day I publish the post and the next day, making sure that if there are any key people I want to get it to, I email them or tweet them as soon as I hit publish.

The third day, I like to start sharing any responses I’ve had to the work and spreading some of that feedback around, as well as giving my thoughts on the experience of writing that post and how it felt.

Don’t go overboard on this. The best rule is to keep it natural. You need to take the time to promote your work and ask people to read it, but don’t spam people or they will think you’re a total fucking idiot.

5. Take a break and keep motivated

Taking brake form work can make you more productive. Writing or blogging can be a lonely job, it is easy to get burned out.

Take a break, excercise, meditate, what your favourite game, read some books, socialize with your friends and family. Talk about your progress and work like. This can help you keep motivated. Have a realistic goal.

Again, this can work differently for different people and some blog posts need more time and research. Some blogger after getting successful tend to reduce the number of blog posts and post once a week.

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