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Why Rippln Communicator App Platform Is Our Future Social Media

  There is so much news going on about the new Rippln Communicator App Platform which now reach more 220 countries. That how fast is growing. Soon Rippln Communicator App Platform will be available for both the iPhone and Android platform.

What I find most compelling of all about  Rippln Communicator App Platform is that well know in our industry internet marketers and MLMers who have gotten involved including some of my favorite people in the world.  Let’s see… Mark Hoverson, Jonathan Budd, Russell Brunson and Jim Bunch are involved.  Diane Hochmann, Lisa Faeder Grossmann and Curtis Broome are involved.  I do not need to say more? This is just the beginning.  But this group of leaders alone was more than enough to get my attention when I receive email from my mentor Jonathan Budd after wondering not receiving any email from him.

 I believe Rippln Communicator App Platform This Idea Will Revolutionize The Industry.

Hi, My friend Fouzi“ For the last 18 months, I’ve been working with an incredible team on an idea that is JUST now coming to fruition.In fact, I believe this idea is so big… it could revolutionize the world.  I’m not kidding.

We are currently in an “invite only” mode if you want to see the trade secrets behind our platform. This video will explain more, & also give you the ability to request your private code. 

I appreciate you, and my team will follow up personally with each person who requests to learn more. We are at the start of something very big here… a concept that truly could shift BILLIONS of dollars in value back to those involved now. Where we could take this… who knows?. But I’m MAGNETIZED to the possibility.  You’ll get more details above… then we’ll take it from there. “

It is very possible that you have already seen this as I have had about 7 friends on facebook connect with me about this in the last 24 hours.

This is something that CAN NOT wait.

 About 12 times faster rippling platform is growing to be exact.

Their goal was to get in 200,000 people 60 days from the start of the pre-launch.

Which they did in just about one week.

If we consider to make another comparison, that is more than 15 times faster than the rate at which Facebook was growing in its start up phase.

Following the record It took Facebook 9 months to reach 1,000,000 users.

At this rate,  Rippln Communicator App Platform is on track to make it happen in six weeks, or possible even faster to that.

And they haven’t even released the Apps yet.

Or turned on (or even talked about) the compensation plan…

Or launched the team site…

Or turned on any of the gamification features…

 If you could get in on the ground floor of facebook would you?, Of course, but that ship has sailed:(… SO here is your chance to get in on the ground floor of something that is going to be bigger then facebook. This New Rippln Communicator App Platform is exploding at rates I have not seen!! and it has not even launched yet!!, That is all I can really tell you, as I had to sign a NON-Disclosure Agreement!, I can tell you that this  Rippln Communicator App Platform is going to be huge, and make you a lot of money, do not pass this chance up!  

 Now, You Can Find Out Why Facebook Suck Not Rippln Communicator App Platform

Did you know Facebook makes money from  your Wall posts? 

How? Obviously they sell ads on your Wall.

Don’t let social networks steal YOUR money. 

Start making money instead with very simple wall posts of your own.

Heck, even your RANDOM thought can make you money with this revolutionary application.

You’ll be shocked when you find out how Rippln Communicator App Platform can start making you money and changing your online business forever…

 That is due to you our fantastic team support and training, being led by Jonathan Budd, Diane Hochman, Lisa Faeder Grossmann and Curtis Broome, all legendary leaders in the MLM and Internet Marketing space.

 Being part of something like this is going to be a very exciting experience for all of us, and there is no doubt that you will learn a lot just by seeing how huge  Rippln Communicator App Platform are built in short periods of time.

But I fully believe that we will have many people on this team who are making $30-50,000/month very soon…

So, do you want in?

Need an Invitation?

Now, it is Invite only to Rippln Communicator App Platform, so in order for me to invite you, I need you to e-mail me Your First name, Last name and your e-mail or mobile number.

Once you are ready to request your own invite, GO HERE.

 I fouzi bach  thank you for visiting my website and thanks everyone join our ripplin team. If you not GO HERE and join us now. I will send you some time your code to be part and be the first one to have your footprintinside ripplin with will now marketers.

Would you mind giving shout to this post to your friend in facebook, twitter and g+, and lets get  rippln together? JUST i am trying to give strong and solid content to the community, anything come from you in return I really appreciated.

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