Salmon Wine Pairing: 2022 Ultimate Guide On What Wine Goes With Salmon?

Salmon Wine Pairing

Salmon wine pairing has several variables that influence which wine pairs best with salmon, but you can’t go wrong with a bottle that stands up to the fish’s intense flavour without being overpowering. You can absolutely match white wines, especially those that are lighter and crisper, with salmon dishes intended for lunch or brunch.

Although white wine is excellent with salmon entrees at dinner, it is more versatile than its red wine counterparts. Therefore, if you’re going for a simple steamed or boiled salmon with few ingredients, the general rule is that white wine is your best choice. White wines often pair exceptionally well with salmon prepared in any kind of cream sauce.

It’s particularly good with grilled salmon, as it can stand up to the fish’s strong flavour. Pinot Noir is particularly flavorful when paired with herb-grilled salmon. Bright acidity and vibrant citrus notes contrasted with the high omega-3 content of salmon, especially when drizzled with a bit of lemon, make for an excellent way to enjoy a meal.

However, when determining the wine pairs well with salmon, it’s critical to consider the preparation style, which includes the cooking method and the form of sauce. From baked to smoked, grilled or pan-seared salmon, a light Pinot Noir with light tannins is often a good option.

Typically, people pair fish with white wine — Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, or Sauvignon Blanc — and all of these wines are excellent matches for our delectable sea creatures. You may also play with your pairings but stick to white wine varieties such as white Pinot Noir. We enjoy pairing white wine with our baked salmon filet with niçoise salad and our salmon and vegetables recipe.

Classic Unnamed White Wine

Additionally, for your wine pairing, we recommend Oshen Salmon, the freshest salmon available. This is an excellent pairing for oven-baked salmon or salmon served with a fruit sauce, such as cherry salmon. A classic dry white wine with clear flavours that are not overpowering, with an emphasis on acidity and citrus flavour notes makes an excellent wine pairing.

Wine and food are one of the best pairings ever made, and there is an abundance of advice and standard salmon wine pairing that people all over the world adore. White wine is a traditional pairing with seafood since it is usually lighter in the body than red wine, which means it does not overwhelm the fish. One of the wonderful aspects of living in the Pacific Northwest is the abundance of fresh, locally caught seafood.

If you’re anything like me, salmon wine pairing is more likely to appear on your plate than any other form of seafood. If you enjoy your daily red or white wine, there is no need to think about matching it to the food you are consuming. With a little testing, you will discover a wine that matches your meal perfectly.

What wine goes with Salmon?

Pinot Noir or red Burgundy wine is a popular pairing for salmon. Pinot Noir and burgundy have light red fruit and delicate floral aromas and flavours that go well with the lean and firm darkish flavours of salmon from the Pacific salmon.

Indeed, some argue that Pinot Noir pairs well with almost everything. Additionally, though rich, full-bodied white wines match well with the majority of salmon recipes, some preparations can be enhanced by the addition of sparkling wine, rosé, or red wine.

As a general rule, white meat pairs well with white wine, while red meat pairs well with red wine. Salmon is heavier than white fish and hence does not fall into the category of white meat.

With more innovative methods of food preparation and more receptive minds in the world of cuisine, people are starting to look beyond the traditional pairing of a dry Chardonnay and a mild white fish.

When it comes to wine pairing, you’ll want something with a lot of spice and a lot of acidities to balance out the salty notes – most people go for sparkling wine, dry white, or bold rose.

Pinot Noir for Salmon Wine Pairing

Pinot noir is one of the most classic matches for salmon. They can pair well with delicate, strawberry- or raspberry-like sweet salmon like salmon and can be rich and flavorful with notes of citrus and floral fruit because of the higher acidity of the Pinot Noir and the Burgundy. To have delicately flavoured Atlantic or farm-raised salmon, choose a white wine such as a white Roussanne or Chardonnay.

Grenache for Salmon Wine Pairing

If you want to serve smoked or grilled salmon, Grenache and its Spanish equivalent, Garnacha, are excellent choices. Grenache is a medium-bodied red wine with earthy, smoky flavours that go well with the salmon’s smoke. Its medium acidity and tannins will also assist in cutting through the fish’s fattiness, resulting in a healthy and pleasurable dining experience. Grenache is also the primary grape variety used in Châteauneuf-du-Pape wines from France’s Southern Rhône region, so these wines will also function.

Beaujolais or Nouveau Beaujolais for Salmon Wine Pairing

Beaujolais and Beaujolais Nouveau are both light-bodied reds with flavours of fruit and earth made from the Gamay grape. The wines’ low tannin content complements the salmon well, preventing the wine from overpowering the fish. This is an excellent pairing for oven-baked salmon or salmon served with a fruit sauce, such as cherry salmon.

White Burgundy or Chardonnay for Salmon Wine Pairing

Chardonnay is a traditional match for fish, particularly rich fish and shellfish such as salmon, lobster, or crab. Buttery oaked Chardonnay pairs beautifully with salmon prepared in a cream or butter-based sauce, such as beurre blanc. Similarly, a white Burgundy from the Côte de Beaune has vivid flavours that complement the salmon’s delicate flavours.

Torrontés for Salmon Wine Pairing

This Argentina’s superstar white wine has medium acidity and fruity flavours that pair well with salmon, especially spicy or raw preparations like ceviche or salmon sushi. The Torrontés’ acidity slices through the salmon’s fattiness, while the fruit flavours perfectly match the spice.

Blanc de Sauvignon for Salmon Wine Pairing

A crisp, herbal Sauvignon Blanc, especially one from New Zealand’s Marlborough region, pairs perfectly with herb-infused salmon, such as salmon with dill butter sauce. The wine’s high acidity and grassy flavour balance the fattiness of the salmon and complement the herbs used in its preparation.

Rosé sec

A dry rosé pairs well with a simple summer salmon salad, as well as baked or grilled salmon. Choose a rosé made using the saignée process, in which some wine is bled from a batch of red wine to enhance the flavours. Saignée is often more assertive than other styles of rosé, making it an excellent match for salmon.


Both varieties of French Champagne are excellent with salmon. Champagne is made from a blend of Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and Pinot Meunier, as well as a few other minor varietals, and it produces a bold, flavorful sparkling wine that complements the salmon’s fattiness and flavours.

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Wine Pairing with Different Foods

Concerning Salmon and Wine

Generally, the recommendations for selecting the appropriate wine are straightforward: white wines pair well with fish and poultry, while red wines pair well with beef and heartier dishes. By that logic, food and wine pairings should be intuitive, but this is not an exact science. Numerous factors can influence your wine selection, including side dishes, sauces, and variations in the main course. The aim is to achieve a compatible balance of flavours that allows both the food and wine to stand out without competing for attention.

This balance can be challenging for salmon. Salmon is not like other fish. It is a versatile and popular main course in both homes and restaurants. It has pink flesh and a more robust taste, and it has the potential to overwhelm a light-bodied wine. It’s critical to choose a bottle with distinct and complex flavours of its own.

Suggestions for Selecting Wines for Salmon Preparation

What method are you using to prepare the salmon? Certain cooking methods alter the taste of the fish.

Salmon Grilled

Salmon is often grilled to impart a smoky taste. With grilled salmon, full-bodied wine with notes of smoke and dirt, such as Grenache or Syrah, will work well.

Salmon Served with Citrus-Flavored Sauces

Though salmon is delicious with yoghurt and dill, the tartness of the yoghurt can be enhanced by a slightly sweeter wine such as Riesling, Lambrusco, or Moscato.

Salmon with a Sweet Glaze

If you glaze your salmon with a sweet glaze, such as maple syrup or honey, you may not want such a sweet wine. Rather than that, choose a wine with citrus notes or a mineral character to balance the glaze’s sweetness, such as Albario or Sémillon.

Salmon in its natural state

Additionally, you can serve raw salmon as sashimi, gravlax, or another ethnic dish. With fresh salmon, acidic and sparkling white wines such as Grüner Veltliner, Chablis, Sancerre, or Prosecco pair well.

Pair a Favorite Wine with Salmon

Wine pairings are also subjective. Although a particular white wine may be more appropriate for your meal, you may prefer red wines. Your personal interests are as important as any other aspect. There are several variables that influence which wine pairs best with salmon, but you can’t go wrong with a bottle that stands up to the fish’s intense flavour without being overpowering.

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