Sap Ewm Certification Programs – Building Strong Knowledge Base for Effective Warehouse Management

A business uses various methods and strategies of organizing the inventory within a warehouse. They try to use the available space economically. Moreover, maintenance of adequate inventory all the time to ensure timely delivery of final products to customers and raw material to production facility is also important. This requires adoption of the best available techniques to minimize cost and maximize returns from maintaining a warehouse.

EWM is the system or technique of managing inventory in a warehouse in such a way that all the available space is used economically. A warehouse worker must be aware of every activity happening within a warehouse like entry and exit of material or stock etc. It acts as a monitoring tool which provides real time information about the exact location of a stock within a warehouse and during its transit. Every activity related to inventory management in warehouse is controlled with the help of EWP system.

This includes:

  1. Assigning and tracking a serial number to merchandise for better tracking.

  2. Management of vendor oriented inventory to ensure effective delivery of products to ultimate customers or retailers.

  3. Other ancillary activities and value added services related to inventory management.

An individual or working personnel within a warehouse requires sap trainingin order to understand various information and knowledge the system tends to provide. The training course equips the individual with the necessary know how to manage inverted in the best possible way. Moreover, an individual working within a warehouse is able to provide timely information to the business supervisors regarding location of a particular material or inventory within the warehouse or in transit. The training course combines both theoretical and practical knowledge in order to fully understand the EWM system. This may include following:

  1. Organization, supervision and control over goods movement within a warehouse and even when the goods have left the warehouse i.e. in transit from warehouse to the final customer or production facility.

  2. Management and optimization of storage container in order to extend the benefits of extended warehouse management system to already established methods in a warehouse.

  3. Creation of automated warehouses, storage areas with a high rack which enables economic use of available area and fixed container locations etc.

  4. Stock visibility and efficient processing of all logistics or warehouse management processes.

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