Targeleon Review

Targeleon is a performance based affiliate network. It offers CPA, CPL, CPS and CPI offers to affiliates. Since, it is a performance based network, so, it focuses on performance rather than just delivering traffic to offers.

In simple words, the traffic you send to their offers should generate some type of conversion/lead. You will not be paid only for sending traffic to their offers.

Targeleon is not like other affiliate networks where you just get offers to promote. It is more than that. It is an affiliate network which not only provide offers but it also provides some advanced monetization tools. So, you can always stay one step ahead with this network.

These advanced monetization tools include smart links, smart pops, smart banners and SDK for app developers. These smart links, banners and pops called smart because they automatically show the best offers to your visitors. They consider various factors like device, country, age, OS etc to show the best offers to visitors.

These smart tools give you the freedom from selecting offers to promote. You just need to use any of these tools and forget about optimizing each and every offer manually. Say, for an example, if you use smart link then this smart link will automatically show the best offers to your visitors based on their age, location, device, content etc.

Same happens with the smart banners and smart pops. These smart banners and smart pops show the best offer to your visitors based on various factors.

Targeleon provides best performing ad formats to affiliates. These ad formats include banner ads, pop-up/pop-under ads, smart links and normal affiliate links. Moreover, if you want any custom ad format then you can request a personal tool from them.

Targeleon monetizes both mobile and desktop traffic. Also, it is a global affiliate network, so, you can monetize your worldwide traffic. It provides 100% fill rate and high eCPM to affiliates.

Apart from various offers, monetization tools and high eCPM, Targeleon also offers various other great facilities. These facilities include no minimum payout, fast and on-time payments, multiple payment options, and an attractive referral program.

There are lots of reasons to join Targeleon:

Sufficient Number Of Offers With High Conversion Rate:

Targeleon offers sufficient number of offers to affiliates that they can promote. At the time of writing this review, it had 360+ direct offers to promote. Their provided offers have high conversion rate and above average payouts.

There are all kind of offers available for affiliates. With some high paying offers there are also simple offers that affiliates can easily promote. Also, they offer various verticals, so, you can easily find out the best offers of your choice.

Moreover, their advanced monetization tools make it easier for you to deliver best performing offers to your visitors.

Advanced Monetization And Tracking Tools:

I have already discussed enough about their advanced monetization tools. Apart from their smart links, pops and banners, they also offer SDK for app developers. Their SDK supports interstitial ads and banner ads.

They also offer two types of APIs to affiliates, which are Offers API and Stats API.

Detailed Live Stats Reports:

Targeleon offers a detailed stats reporting system which shows near real-time stats of the offers you are promoting. It stats reporting system shows date, impressions, CR, eCPM, earnings, conversions etc.

In addition to that it offers multiple filters to filter out reports for better analysis. On their dashboard they also offer a graph which shows weekly stats of impressions and earnings.

No Minimum Payout:

Unlike other affiliate networks Targeleon doesn’t have any minimum payout limit. So, whatever amount you have in your account will be paid to you. Targeleon is one of the very few affiliate networks that doesn’t have any minimum payout limit for affiliates.

This no minimum payout limit lets new affiliates to easily withdraw their earnings and test their network’s reliability.

Fast Payments:

Targelon has two payment schemes for affiliates. If affiliates use their smart tools, that is, smart links, banners etc then they will be paid on weekly basis. On the other hand if they promote their direct offers then they will be paid on Net 30 terms.

Multiple Payment Options:

Targeleon likes making everything easier for affiliates and therefore, it offers multiple payment options to them. On Targeleon, affiliates can withdraw their earnings via PayPal, webmoney, EPESE, epayments and wire transfer.

A Very Attractive Referral Program:

Unlike other affiliate networks which offer low commission referral programs, Targeleon offers a very attractive one. It offers a great 10% referral commission program to affiliates.

So, take advantage of this opportunity and earn some extra money by referring your friends to it.

By default Targeleon’s referral program is off for affiliates. So, if you want to use their referral program then you can request them to on it for you. While submitting your request, their form will ask you about your promotional methods. So, fill these details properly and submit your request.

Usually they review your provided details within few minutes of submission. And, if they feel your promotional methods are good then you will get access to your referral section. You can also speed up this process by contacting their support for quick review.

Targeleon Details At A Glance:

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