The Incredible Benefits of Organic Wool Bedding

Have you been looking for the perfect bedding materials? If that’s the case, organic wool bedding is going to make an ideal one due to their warmth, comfort, and fluffiness. In the article below, we are going to provide you with the magical benefits of organic wool bedding, as well as types of wool bedding. Now, let’s begin!

What does organic wool bedding offer you?

Warmth, coziness and so much more!

Many people suppose that wool is just something adding up to your bed during cold winter nights for additional warmth. In fact, adding wool to your bed does gain you more warmth and coziness. However, the miraculous advantages of wool bedding go far beyond that.

Organic wool contains no harsh chemicals, which is safe-to-use for those with sensitive skin types or babies.

Moreover, organic wool bedding is flame retardant. Therefore, feel free to use organic wool for bedding, and should you intend to purchase one, we guarantee that it’s going to make a worth-investing product.

Organic wool bedding is a body moisturizer and temperature regulator

One of the biggest advantages of organic wool bedding is its distinctive ability to absorb up to 1/3 of its weight in moisture without feeling damp. Indeed, it can efficiently wick away the one-liter of moisture vapor that our bodies lose each night!

Since the organic wool releases the dampness absorbed from our bodies during the night, into the atmosphere, it provides a dry, warm sleeping environment every night for higher quality, healthier sleep.

Furthermore, organic wool is the only material that both absorbs and releases moisture efficiently. Thus, it helps to maintain your body temperature stable.

That means no more tossing and turning in bed because you’re either too hot or too cold or both, on and off during your sleep, which could be one of the reasons leading to your low-quality sleep.

To recap, it’s the ability to stabilize our bodies’ temperature and moisturize that makes a deciding factor when it comes to purchasing wool products.

Why is it important to have body temperature regulating bedding?

In this section, I am going to explain a little further why the ability to keep our bodies’ temperature stable plays such an essential role.

Commonly, most people lose on average 2 oz of water vapor every hour of their life.

During our sleep, if we are too hot, moisture accumulates, and we perspire even more as a result. If we remove covers to cool off when this happens, cooler air starts to dry the moisture through evaporation, making us feel cold. As you can see, this leads to no perfect night sleep.

One restless, disturbed sleep can be detrimental to the immune system and increase the production of stress hormones, and even other serious health issues, including heart disease, obesity, and diabetes.

As wool bedding enables our bodies to remain the temperature, it is likely to decrease our chance of having those mentioned health problems.

Organic Wool is naturally anti-dust mites

Organic wool provides you with an environment that is too dry for dust mites to thrive and survive.

So, in case you’re allergic to dust mites, or you simply don’t want them hanging around in your bed with you, organic wool is going to be an excellent choice!

Organic Wool reduces the possibility of getting allergic

If you were diagnosed with allergic to wool products such as wool sweaters, wool bedding may not be an ideal option. However, in some cases diagnosis can be inaccurate.

Most people aren’t actually allergic to wool. What you often regard as an allergic reaction, is the unpleasing sensation of chemically treated wool, which has gone through processing several times, and the fibers of the wool have become heavily damaged (thus creating a brittle sensation on the skin).

Also, in certain situations, they may be allergic to some of the harsh or even toxic chemical substances.

Organic wool is not treated with harsh chemicals. As a consequence, it keeps us feeling soft during the entire time of usage.

Organic wool is long-lasting

As the organic wool goes through no harsh chemical treats, and not a single toxic substance is added, the fiber structure remains undamaged. Furthermore, the natural lanolin in the wool isn’t stripped out by chemicals. For these reasons, the organic wool bedding always stays soft and durable.

Differentiating types of wool bedding

  • Organic Wool pillows come in various sizes and filling levels. Covering an organic wool pillow with 100% cotton pillowcase will help you to not only protect the pillow from any spills or dirt but also extend the longevity of the pillow. Removing the pillowcase and washing it on high temperature once per week for an optimal freshness sensation is highly advisable. The wool filling in the pillow will reduce excess perspiration and provide all-year-round comfort.
  • Organic Wool mattress toppers or overlays make a wonderful “cushy” additional layer to your mattress, and again, it will help you get a healthier and better night’s sleep since it will remove any excess moisture from your body, and keep your body at a stable temperature all night long. Also, organic Wool mattress toppers are wonderful relief for people suffering from arthritis and diabetes, as it often promotes blood circulation and relieves the pressure areas that often trouble these individuals. What amazing products!
  • Organic Wool Comforter are also an optimal choice for your bedroom. Should you cover your wool duvet with a 100% cotton duvet cover, it will give your bedroom the fashion statement that you’re looking for and at the same time allow the wool duvet to breathe.


This is the end of our article. In the previous sections, we have given you pieces of crucial information about organic wool bedding, especially the wonderful benefits it offers. We hope that this article is helpful regarding the product you are looking for. Thanks for reading, and we wish you the best of luck!

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