Tips For A Stress-free House Clearance

House clearance doesn’t have to be a stressful experience and with the following tips you can make the job a whole lot easier and hassle-free! Meanwhile you can get it all done swiftly and you don’t have to break the bank for a thorough clear out. Don’t be intimidated by the extent of the work! Through proper organisation and planning you can have your home cleared of all that junk or rubbish and sort out what you want to keep or throw away. The arduous task won’t take as long as you might think thanks to the following guide!

• Timing is essential for an efficient and effective home clearance. If you have a busy schedule it’s probably best to allow yourself a couple of hours each day to get down to sorting through your belongings. For example, dedicate 2 hours after work every day to clearance in the kitchen, then the living room and so on. Or if that doesn’t work for you, why not set aside time at the weekend to really get stuck into that much needed clear out!

• Separating your ‘to keep’ items from your junk is imperative to a successful clearance, no matter the scope of work! Pile or store the belongings you want to keep in one area of the house and the things you want to dispose of in another part. You might even consider a pile of valuables you want to donate to charity or even designate an area for items that could be recycled! Don’t forget to label your boxes so as not to get confused!

• Once you’ve completed the sorting process, it’s then time for rubbish removal and junk disposal! With the World Wide Web at our fingertips, why not look online to find a clearing company in your area that can carry out all and any waste removal! Meanwhile if you want to make some cash off items you no longer want but are in decent conditions, you could sell them online! Hiring a skip yourself is also another option and you toss can get some friends to help you toss out all your unwanted items.

• If you don’t have too much junk to dispose of you might consider hiring a van and transporting all your rubbish to a local tip. Man and van services are growing in popularity, but remember that this will incur costs, so have a look around before deciding on which option best suits your needs!

• Health and safety is paramount when embarking on a house clearance, as you may be lifting heavy furniture or hauling around bulky boxes. To avoid injury take extra caution and don’t lift anything that’s too heavy. You don’t want a nasty back injury when you’re in the middle of a clear out! What’s more, make sure you get some help, as two hands are better than one!

• Another issue to consider is that while conducting a clear out in a basement, cellar or garage, it might be best to wear gloves and even a dust mask, to avoid breathing in any dust that’s been left to settle over the years. Investing in some eye protection is also a sound idea to avoid getting any dirt or grime in your eyes.

So we hope this guide has proved helpful to you and that you’ll follow some of these tips when getting down to your home clearance. The idea is to lessen the stress and make the experience as swift and efficient as possible! The sooner you begin, the sooner the job will be done and you can sit back and relax in your clutter free environment!

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