Tips for Working in The Best Manner with Your Recruiter

Hiring is difficult. In this age of specific skills requirements, you can no longer depend on your circle to provide you referrals for your company. Neither do you have time to screen all those applications from job portalsand follow-up with candidates for interview scheduling. So better leave it to the professionals!

Here comes the recruiter. Be it a job consulting, freelancer or executive search firm, they take the significant pain out of your talent acquisition process and are a good return-on-investment if chosen properly.

But wait! Just giving the JD to multiple recruiters at once, and counting on your luck to stumble upon a good match is too much to ask. A good fit candidate is always hard to find, and then there are other aspects as well, like salary negotiations and relocations.

With below suggestions in mind, you can work with a recruiter in a seamless manner and ease your staffing efforts.

Consider them an extended team

A recruiter is not another vendor who will supply a service and charge money. He is the one contacting your future employee first, and should be your brand ambassador. They should be considered a part of the team sitting onsite.

Breed mutual trust

It’s easy to go in the market and hand out the requirements to all the visible recruiters after signing individual agreements. Instead you should earmark a limited number of recruiters specific to job positions and preferably give them a certain window before you make your jobs public. This exclusive period will provide them with a lot more trust to work wholeheartedly for your requirements, and the chances of closing will be more.

Go beyond job description

Your word document listing role, responsibilities, eligibilities and perks in 1-2 pages is only a fundamental piece. There has to be a lot more information available to the recruiter to find great candidates. Company culture, product stage, the scope of growth and learning are a few of those things.

Be aware of your listing

There is a good chance that recruiter is going to publish your job on a number of job portals. You should ensure that the right message is going through in the market about your requirement and brand.

Share a sample profile

If you do not have one, find one now! There should always be a person (in the company or outside) who is closest to the role on the offer. That will help the recruiters tremendously to understand the requirements and find matching ones.

Be hyper transparent

Hiding information about job duties, considering another candidate in parallel, the variable part of salary offered, using job portals yourself will only get you to lose confidence from the recruiter side. They are accountable to the candidates, and their brand and reputation take a hit if things turn out different than what was originally projected.

Reject with reason

A one-liner like “This profile is not suitable, please send more.” will not do you any good. Only when you can pinpoint specific issues with a profile, the recruiter can filter future profile more intelligently.

Maintain constant communication

A big issue in hiring is a lack of two-sided communication during the process. Even if your requirement is on hold, you are struggling with some business issues or your interviewer is on leave, just keep your recruiter informed with some tentative date of next update.

Value their inputs

Recruiters are there to hire as per your needs. But still, be receptible of the ideas they might have. You should accept that at times their first-hand experiences of current market scenario can be better than yours. Hence if they advise to pay a candidate premium hike, or buy-out notice period, or drop someone due to a failed background verification; you should at least evaluate their suggestions in a logical manner.

So, all in all, it is a business relationship which is critical for any organization, and when used effectively, can reap you big dividends.

Happy hiring!

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