Top 14 Best Tech Blogs you must visit now

When there is so many advancements in tech world and new smartphones releasing everyday its really difficult to keep up with many breathtaking announcements and news . Yes it has become very important to keep up with tech related news . Where do you find these news about new smartphones and tech companies . There are many tech blogs available on internet choosing which websites/blog to visit can be headache and looking for a trustworthy reviews of gadgets and smartphones can be important. To avoid these confusion and help you explore some best choices out there , i listed out 15 best tech blogs that you must visit .

So let us now explore some of the best tech blogs that one should definitely have in their list of blogs to visit regularly so that their tech quotient is always high and they get their daily dose of tech trivia.


One of the largest tech blog out there to look upon ,TechCrunch is a group-edited blog that profiles the companies, products and events defining and transforming the new web . Earning more than million dollors a month this blog is gigantic and you can find all type of Tech news and details about Tech events all over the world.

With Alexa rank of 510 and 2+ million facebook likes and 7+ million twitter followers this is one of the largest tech blog available on the internet publishing about about 150 + posts in a week on average.

MIT Technology Review

MIT Technology Review in leading the conversation about technologies that matter. Get stories from and more from their editors, staff & readers.They publish about 5 blog posts a week and has 3+ million loyal social media followers . The blog is special as it also gets into how new technology works and what makes it go which is often above my pay grade but gotta love knowing the future.


A leading blog on the Internet which provides technology stuff on a daily basis. The Next Web is a great resource where you can find hot tech news and latest technology trends, but also some info about gadgets and their reviews as well. It has put up a brilliant performance when it comes to educating the people about technology, culture, and business. It has over 3+ million social media followers.

The website stands out from the rest because of its exhaustive and extensive coverage of technical news reports. The future trends in technology are discussed in detail. It apprises its users with latest news about new gadgets, security devices, video series, science and entertainment. What’s engrossing and fascinating is its venture This foray of the website is a paradise for web developers and web designers because of the valuable information they get. Wired is also known for its Science blogs which is very popular , they also post about cutting edge technology.


Pretty much known as the TMZ of tech after they paid for a “lost” next-gen Apple iPhone — the fallout became front-page news across the world. Scandals aside, Gizmodo’s been a must-follow site for a long time, with tons of relevant posts, a youthful vibe, and some of the funnier commentators on the Internet.


Looking for the latest technology news? Then you should check out the “Tech Culture” blog portal from Cnet. The Cnet blog has a “How to” section as well, that can be visited in the link Whether it is news about ordering a Galaxy Note 7 or simple queries like “How to free up space on your Android Phone or Tablet?”, you can just find it all in this blog.


This blog is one of the most used blogs today as it provides all the latest news from the world of social media. This blog successfully sources any news and updates posted by a techie in the platforms of Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms. After spotting the topic that the techies have been talking about in social media, this platform provides blogs for those topics after sourcing information from the top bloggers. Therefore, one can get a hang of all the recent happenings in the Tech World. Founded by Pete Cashmore in the year 2005, this platform has grown from strength to strength and serves as a robust blog for the Tech space.

In addition, technology related to enhancing of social media platforms and analytics are also some topics that are covered as blogs on this platform.


Another most popular and famous technology blog for tech lovers is The Verge. It shares interesting guides about technology and its effects on the society. In a nutshell, The Verge means news from gadgets to startups, apps, and tech culture. This website has over 4+ million social media following and ranks very high on Alexa ranking. Making it a very popular website among tech nerds .


Another one of the largest hubs of technology, computer gaming and engaging lifestyle guides. Digital Trends also covers stuff related to music, motorization, photography, etc. From time to time, you can find there some Apple news as well. You don’t have to be afraid if you’re not tech freak – Digital Trends’ mission is to help readers easily understand how technology affects the way they live.


A great source for independent tech news and reviews from opinionated  journalists. If you want to know about new technology from the experts it is the best place for you . You must definitely check this blog as this blog is different form other blogs.


Engadget is a home to the latest and greatest gadget freaks. It covers everything new in the field of gizmos. Since 2004, the website has been discussed cutting-edge devices and the technology they are based on. You can be sure that Engadget’s witty tech articles and breaking news are updated around the clock.


Even if you are an advanced Tech user, it is not humanly possible to know everything about the tech world. However, this blog portal helps you with the simplest as well as the complicated information and provides a lot of entertainment for you in the form of games that are available on this website. Bloggers and readers can both have a ball of a time by playing games on this website. This portal helps in solving different tech queries and provides a number of “How to tips”.


PCMag has been followed a lot with respect to reviews for laptops and  systems like Dell systems, Lenovo systems, HP systems etc. These brands strive hard to get a good review on the blogs that are published on this website. Therefore, this portal has a lot of credibility across readers as one can be assured that the reviews published on this portal will be genuine and informative. In addition, the blogs in this portal are pretty updated with all the gadget revolutions and technology innovations on a real time basis.

Tech meme

Techmeme provides the essential tech news of the moment. It provides the top news and commentary for technology’s leaders. They publish over 150 articles a week.

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