Top 3 reasons why Background Check should be run on Seasonal Staff

There are many businesses in several industries that experience a high footfall of customers during the holiday season. Owing to the very same reason, they hire seasonal staff so that everything goes smoothly. Generally, owners of golf courses, amusement parks, fitness centers, etc. hire seasonal staff.

If industry reports are to be trusted, most of the companies have at least 26% temporary or contract based employees. It is believed that, in the USA, 40% of employees would be on contingent positions by 2022. This factor should be enough to understand that the need for seasonal staff isn’t going to dwindle anytime soon.

At the present time, 92% of businesses perform background checks on employees. However, only 66% of them conduct a pre-employment background screening for contingent workers. So, it means 26% of business owners still hire seasonal staff without running a pre-employment background check. This could lead to the hassle of employee theft.

The fact that will leave you stunned is deceitful employees steal 5.4 times more than shoplifters. Here are the top 3 reasons why business owners should conduct a pre-employment background screening for seasonal staff. So, take a gander:

1. Internal theft

For any business owner, nothing is more frustrating than going through the problem of employee theft. This is so because when the percentage of internal theft increases, it not only puts brakes on the momentum of business growth but also drives towards the problem of customer defection.

According to recently conducted surveys, 33% of total revenue shrinkage is the result of internal theft. What’s more, employee theft is accounted for 30% of business failures. After knowing this, there should be no more doubts regarding why appointing seasonal staff without conducting background screening is a threat for businesses.

To stay away from the hassle of employee theft, business owners should join hands with third party verification companies as the latter know how to conduct a criminal background check to perfection.

2. Poor quality of hire

At the present time, companies want maximum ideal candidates on board so that the productivity of the business doesn’t suffer at any cost. Whenever businesses bring a seasonal staff to lift the profitability levels, they keep a close on those temporary employees that are giving their best while doing their work so as to make a perfect recruit.

From the business’s point of view, that sounds absolutely fine. But giving the appointment letter to potential employees without verifying their professional and personal history often amplifies the odds of making a bad hire. This is so because contingent workers often exaggerate dates of past employment and provide embellished educational documents.

Here, ignoring the significance of background screening simply means giving an invitation to unnecessary hassle. So, if you really want to keep the negative aftereffects of a bad hire at bay, avail services from third party verification companies. TPV organizations always verify educational history and work experience in such a way that only improves the quality of hire.

3. High employee turnover

Do you know which factor keeps the business stable for a long period of time? No? A strong relationship with loyal employees. This is so because loyal and deft workforce always plays a prime role in improving the business’s productivity levels. That’s the main reason why multinational companies always provide astounding facilities to their workers so that the hassle of employee turnover doesn’t take place.

But whenever business owners make a bad hire, the odds of employee attrition are likely to amplify. Usually, businesses appoint some candidates from their seasonal staff without crosschecking the information provided by the latter. This sometimes leads to the hassle of workplace violence, which, in turn, leads to high employee turnover.

There is no need to be surprised because employees often prefer to work for that company which knows how to maintain decorum at the workstation. Being a business owner, if you don’t want to come across the hassle of employee turnover, always conduct a pre-employment background screening. Here, you can also take the help of areputed third party verification company.

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