Top 3 ways that will help In-house Call Centres to create Fun Environment

“Always treat your employees exactly as you want them to treat your best customers.”  Stephen Covey

Creating a fun environment in the customer service department not only keeps support agents excited but also helps to build the business’s credibility. It is so because when the workplace consists of positive atmosphere, this encourages employees to work with full determination. This is good for customers as well as brand image.

To handle customer service queries perfectly, some business owners join hands with established outsourcing call centres while some prefer to bring a throng of in-house support agents. Unlike specialised service providers, in-house call centres often struggle while lifting the CX levels. The tedious work environment is one of the most cited reasons that don’t let deliver phenomenal support experience.

Are you running an in-house call centre? Willing to create a fun environment for better productivity? Here are some pointers to take into consideration:

1. Give adequate freedom

Do you know when support agents can deliver phenomenal support experience? No? Well, when they work with freedom. This factor cannot be taken for granted because whenever customer service reps do their work with freedom, they are more likely to give their best while handling support requests. This, as a positive consequence, keeps the CSAT score uplifted.

Generally, businesses don’t let their in-house support agents take breaks while handling the customer service department. Because of this, the problem of high inconsistency arises and brings the CX levels down. Why? Well, you cannot expect customer-facing employees to deliver with the same efficiency throughout the day as they are human, not a machine.

However, allowing to take short breaks can really help support agents to restore their energy levels, which consequently, leads to the delivery of incredible solutions.

So, if you don’t want to let your customers down during support interactions, give your in-house agents adequate freedom.

2. Conduct small fun activities

‘Conducting small fun activities’ is one of the major measures that almost everyreputed outsourcing call centre employs. During the peak hours, customer service representatives go through substantial work pressure. As a negative consequence, this lowers down the job satisfaction level, which leads to the problem of agent attrition in the later stages.

However, specialised service providers often try to lift the support agents’ job satisfaction level in order to ensure a long-term relationship. For the same, fun activities get conducted during the off-peak hours.

So, if you an owner of an in-house call centre and willing to create a fun environment, conduct some amusing activities when the agent idle time is high.

3. Put high incentives on the table

Have you ever thought why specialisedcustomer support service providers don’t come across the hassle of agent turnover every so often? Nope? Well, the answer is they provide high incentives whenever customer service representatives successfully meet their performance targets.

To handle the customer service department seamlessly during the busiest times of the day, it is prominent to make sure that support agents push their limits and try to handle maximum queries. This cannot be happened by a miracle as something must be there that can bring the best out of customer service representatives. Here, offering lucrative incentives could do the trick.

What’s more, putting high incentives on the table could trigger fruitful competition among support agents, and this will surely benefit the business’s productivity.

So, if you have a desire to deliver the best while running an in-house call centre, offer high incentives. Or avail services from any established outsourcing call centre to skip all the hassle.

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