Top 5 Best Dubbed Anime to Watch

Subs or dub? While the difference boils down to a matter of preference, many fans consider dubbed anime as less faithful to the original. Some dubbing production studios have stripped away the meaning, context, and tone of the original anime, leaving fans disappointed and confused with the outcome. However, over the years, we’ve seen some incredible English dubs — and they just get better with each passing season. With so many contenders, here is our list of the greatest dubbed anime of all time.


Cowboy Bebop ‘s  intriguing plot and awesome soundtrack make it a great choice for newcomers to anime. It’s one of those series’ that fans and critics agree is the best English-dubbed anime out there. For a series produced by a Japanese studio, Cowboy Bebop incorporates many American cultural symbols, like jazz music, heroic gangsters, and other well-known Western imagery which serve as a gateway for Western audiences to get into it.


My Hero Academiais an amazing anime, whether subbed or dubbed. However, the dubbed version features a great group of actors who are perfect for their roles. In one of his first major performances, Justin Briner brings the soft-spoken fledgling hero Midoriya to life. Christopher Sabat – aka the voice of almost every cool anime strong guy – is perfectly cast as the inspirational and dorky All Might. And Luci Christian’sperformance makes best girl Uraraka even more amazing and likable. The care and consideration put into each role is apparent throughout My Hero Academia and that attention to detail is something that fans really appreciate.


With an extensive ensemble cast, it’s a bit difficult to keep track of all the intertwining storylines and characters. However, it’s precisely due to this massive cast that Baccano is one of the best English-dubbed anime. The series features characters from all over the US and abroad and they do a good job of representing the different regional accents. With the anime series taking place in the 1930s, it does a pretty good job imitating the era’s Italian gangsters and urban citizens.


Fullmetal Alchemistnot only has tons of amazing action scenes, but also contains fun, memorable characters, tear-jerking scenes and beautiful music. This is a must watch anime series for anime fans alike.

Set in a land where alchemy is considered a highly skilled profession, Fullmetaltells the story of two brothers who live every day repaying for their childhood mistake. They forgot the greatest rule in alchemy: equivalent exchange. In the aftermath of their botched attempt at reviving their dead mother, Ed lost an arm and a leg, and Al lost his entire body. They hear that a mysterious stone named the Philospher’s Stone can solve all their problems, and so begins their adventure in an attempt to restore what was lost


Can you tell that we’re fans of Shinichiro Watanabe? A phenomenal English dub is only one aspect of why Samurai Champloo is such a compelling anime, but it deserves praise nonetheless. Both the acting and direction are stellar and make this anime very approachable to Western audiences. This is appropriate as Samurai Champloo is a fusion of American and Japanese culture. If you enjoy great voice acting and are curious to see what a fusion of samurai and hip-hop culture would look like, Samurai Champloo might be just right for you.

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