Top 5 Marketing Tools and Strategies to Grow Your Business

Tons of marketing strategies and tools are available online. This blog is about using the right tools in the right way to get the most coherent results. And we’ll also narrow down some top strategies which will have a good impact on your business. Each of the strategies or tools we discuss today can be used in different industries. From a small startup business to a commercial enterprise, it’s useful at every level.

Creating marketing strategies and relating them to your business can be critical. This blog is all about making things easier to obtain growth.

Analyze objectives and goals

Defining a business’s mission is considered one of the most important foundations for rapid growth. To keep sight of your targets, build the business Model Canvas. Create a single picture that includes your business’s fundamental goals. Focus on the core requirements and assign and delegate tasks.


Use the SWOT tool. It is an analysis tool that can also help you assign tasks once you have finalized your ideas about your business. You will be able to successfully narrow down your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

Collaborate with allies

Collaborating with allies in different industries can prove beneficial to everyone. With this, companies can gain a variety of audiences. A number of companies can be found collaborating with each other every now and then. Apple has been collaborating with IBM(International Business Machine) and Cisco systems for its use of ethernet antenna. And recently, Apple collaborated with Beats by Dr. Dre, instantly giving both of them a new market range.

Collaborating with allies isn’t the only option. Apple has been manufacturing iPods compatible with Windows OS. MAC even allows Boot Camp installation for Windows. Both are competitors but collaborations like these are beneficial for every party.


Small businesses can use collaboration tools like Trello. It has an intriguing user interface that works best with real time monitoring projects and task assignments.

Optimize your website

If one has optimized their website in the right way, traffic can skyrocket overnight. In some ways, SEO is an art. You’ll have to come up with some game plan to trick Google. Companies like Aliexpress and other shipping service providers have entirely risen on the bases of SEOs. There are tons of tools that can help you with this.


Google Analytics can play a major role in SEO. The helping tools can be Wordplanner, WooRank, Ahref, and SEMrush. Some free tools like Seed Keywords, SEObility, and Ubersuggest are famous for generating relevant keywords for content marketing.

If you aren’t good at SEO, hire a remote employee to do the job. With the help of Staff time monitoring software, easily track how much time your remote employees have spent doing their tasks. It’s that simple.

Be different

If you are chasing your competitors and are offering what everyone else is already providing, your chances of growth are very low. Try to differentiate your service or product in one way or another. Either it should be cheaper than your competitor or a bit more premium if you don’t want to compromise on pricing. Know your target audience and design your product in a way that fits them perfectly. It all depends upon the goal of your business model.

In 2022, Ford-F series pickup was the best selling passenger vehicle with one million units sold around the globe. Toyota’s Corolla came in second with 934K units sold. But when it comes to comfort and distinguished performance, names like Koenigsegg, Aston Martin and Pagani come to mind because selling more units isn’t their goal and you’ll hardly see one on the road.


To survey your target audience, use tools like SurveyMonkey to help you create and run professional online surveys.

Strategize your social media

Today, every industry’s target audience is on a social media site. According to Statisca’s 2022 survey, by 2022, 3.01 billion users will be available on social media. Out of Fortune 500 companies, 100+ are available on social media and are being socially strategic. If you have a strong presence on social media, you already know about its importance.

Building a relationship of trust and authority with your consumer is very important and social media can help you a lot in this endeavor.
When it comes to being socially strategic, no one beats Starbucks. With their smart use of videos, custom images, unique hashtags, and cool gifs, they are crushing the social media game with their feed. Apart from these strategies, Starbuck spends a lot of its budget on promotions. Social media feeds can tell how much attention companies are giving to their consumers. Small startups should also take out a small chunk of their budget and spend it on social media marketing.


Use social media marketing tools like Buffer to share content across multiple accounts and networks, all from one central dashboard. Browser extensions make it even easier to share on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, and even LinkedIn simultaneously

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