Top 5 Music Videos of Katy Perry

There are very few music stars that make an impact through their hard-work, dedication and musicality. Fortunately, we are having many such stars in this era and Katy Perry is one of them. Katy Perry-The name itself has become a bug brand in the international music industry. She has delivered some of the most iconic songs of her time and some of them performed really crazy in the international music charts. In this article, we are going to tell you about the top 5 music videos of Katy Perry, which you can’t miss at any cost. These music videos have been chosen on the basis of their commercial success as well as critics’ choice. So, without any delay, let’s get started.

“E.T.” (Featuring Kanye West)

Who though that a song based on the relations with an extra-terrestrial will be a big hit? This song was literally a Hot-100 topper. This song was beautifully decorated with the soulful voice of Katy Perry and amazing video content, which appears very fresh to the audience. This song also features the rapper Kanye west and katy Perry can be seen in the role of an intergalactic citizen which makes this video even more interesting.

“California Gurls” – (Featuring Snoop Dogg)

This music video has everything which you can expect from a unique entertaining track-Gummy bears, Cotton Candy, Snoop Dogg. This music video appears very colourful and vibrant. Katy Perry can be seen in a character of the world “Candy fornia”, who has to free the other women from “Sugar daddy” which is being played by Snoop Dogg. This music video is actually fun to watch and probably it is the only video of its kind which became so popular.

“Dark Horse” – (Featuring Juicy J)

This was an ancient Egypt-themed music video, in which Katy Perry can be seen as starring Katy Patra, which could be a take-off on Egyptian Queen Cleopatra, who is the witch of the Memphis. Matthew Cullen directed this music video for which she received much appreciation from the critics. This was actually the first ever video by a woman to cross 1 billion views on YouTube. This music video is a bit flashy, but we guess that’s what makes this video unique from others.


This song was a big success for Katy Perry and through this she made her presence felt among many other great artists. This song was based on a great thought that you are perfect as you are and therecan’tbe any flaws in a human being. In video, Katy and various teenagers can be seen running through a city on the streets and finding the courage with the help of which thy can overcome their fears and insecurities.

“Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F)”

This is the music video which is at number 1 according to us. In this music video, Katy Perry teams up with various other stars such as Darren Criss and Kenny G & this video appears quite colourful and dazzling. This song definitely has a unique flavour of it. The goofy side of Katy Perry can be seen in this music video, which is in the role of a nerdy teenager Kathy Beth Terry. This song has all the elements, which we need in a top chartbuster.

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