Top 9 Websites Every Book Lover Must Bookmark

Book lovers can find a wealth of information on the Internet. There are lists, reviews, and other content on sites like HuffPost Books. You can also get sneak peeks at upcoming titles. HuffPost Books is particularly good at covering books for and by women. It also has tons of other book-related content.


If you are a book lover, you have probably heard of Goodreads. It is a fantastic website where you can find and rate books. You can also read book reviews and discuss books with other people. The site also lets you post giveaways and advertisements. You can also join book discussion groups, share recommendations, and find friends who like the same books.

Goodreads is a free website for book lovers. It is an excellent resource for cataloging books you’ve read, discussing them with other members, starting book clubs, and contacting authors. Using the site, you can also promote your blog and your writing. If you have friends on Goodreads, you can quickly get them and ask them to share their favorite books with your list.

If you enjoy reading, Goodreads is an essential bookmark. The site allows you to search for books from various languages, and it can also suggest similar books to your selection. It also provides reviews of books and has an extensive database of book quotes.


LibraryThing is a site that connects book lovers as well as with books. It’s free to join, and you can catalog your books, movies, and music in one place. Finding new books and discussing your favorites with other readers is easy. It also offers a monthly list of 2000 early releases.

LibraryThing’s unique approach to book cataloging means that it can serve lending libraries as a powerful resource for cataloging their collections. The site allows users to record fine-grained metadata about each book and helps them earn profile badges by collaborating on cataloging projects. The site is also changing the way small libraries catalog their collections.

Another great feature of LibraryThing is the ability to browse through tags. Users can search for a book using the author’s name to find a book related to the author’s work. They can also look up a book’s status by typing it in the search bar. Another feature of LibraryThing is its ability to track the circulation of books. Users can create patron accounts, check out books to friends, or place books on hold.


Book lovers can use Shelfari to create their virtual bookshelf and discuss and ask questions about books. They can also join discussion groups and read free chapters. This website is like a purpose-built Wikipedia for books. It even allows book enthusiasts to participate in discussion groups and write reviews of books.

Shelfari is a community for book lovers and allows anyone to build a virtual bookshelf that will showcase their favorite titles. The website also has an interactive gathering with weekly top-rated books and “talent spotters” who spot new writers and authors. Users can also upload their books and post reviews. The site also has a directory of authors, writers, and other resources. Shelfari also allows book lovers to read and share poetry and short stories.

Another website that caters to book lovers is Electric Literature, which publishes innovative new content and pays authors. Another great site for book lovers is Goodreads, which combines social media and books. Users can organize their read/to-be-read shelves, see what their friends are reading, vote in contests, and set goals.

Electric Literature

Electric Literature, a new independent publisher, launched its first fiction magazine on the iPad and iPhone in 2009. The magazine is now available in print as well. Founders Andy Hunter and Scott Lindenbaum have created a business model based on print on demand, making it possible to produce magazines on any device.

To create buzz about their publications, the editors of Electric Literature utilize social media. They post stories on Twitter, offer digital content inspired by their stories, and even publish animated videos and audio recordings. One example is when Rick Moody “tweeted” a short story over three days. The result was published in Issue #3.

Since 2009, Electric Literature has steadily grown its readership, focusing on the work of emerging voices in literature, social justice, and contemporary life. They have a unique approach to online publishing, reaching a global audience while paying their contributors for their work. Electric Literature is a valuable and indispensable resource for literature fans.

Powell’s Books

Portland, Oregon’s iconic independent bookstore, is home to a wealth of books and literature. It boasts over two million volumes and hosts 500 author events each year. You can also participate in book clubs, children’s storytimes, and other events. Powell’s also runs an indispensable book subscription box where you can receive signed editions of new books each month. Subscribers also get exclusive book-lover treats. This month, I received signed editions of Little Gods by Meng Jin, Empire of Wild by Cherie Dimaline, and fancy chocolate bars.

Powell’s Books has many locations across the country, making it an easy way to find books that you love. There’s also a great online community for book lovers to discuss their favorite titles and meet fellow readers. You can also use online book sites to save money and discover new authors and genres.

Google’s Book Search is an advanced book search tool that lets you search for books by ISBN, title, price range, and publication year. You can even browse books by genre, including cookbooks and travel. You can also browse a library of free books and e-books in the Indie Store Finder.


Reprint is a similar website to Project Gutenberg, but it features free books you can download to your device. It is excellent for those who like to read on the go and includes everything from Shakespeare to science fiction. Another great resource is Google Book Search, which allows you to search for specific lines of text in a book and see a list of books to buy. You can even borrow books for an hour.

Aside from being an online store, ReadPrint is a community for book lovers. The website allows you to interact with other readers and authors, read book reviews, and trade books. It also curates lists for book clubs and genres. You can also rate books before they are released to help other readers decide if they’ll like them or not. In addition, you can also find detailed feedback on books and plot discussions.

Another resource that can be used for book recommendations is Electric Literature. This site publishes innovative, new content that is free and accessible to the public. The site also pays all writers. Goodreads, meanwhile, merges social media and books into a single platform. The site lets you organize your reading/to-be-read shelves, find books by your friends, and vote in contests to win books. It also has technology for book reading on a mobile device.

The Millions

If you’re a book lover, you know that the Internet can be a helpful resource. While most book lovers still prefer to pick up a physical book, the ease of online shopping makes it tempting to head to Amazon or a local indie bookstore. But the literary world is taking up a sizable chunk of the web these days. Not only are readers tweeting about their favorite books, but writers, publishers, editors, and others are doing the same.

While most book lovers still prefer to hold a paper book in their hands, the rise of smartphones has made the literary world take action to make their works more accessible. As a result, several apps for book lovers have cut the web’s favorites for 2020. Here are a few of them.

Goodreads: This social network is for readers of all ages and tastes. It is an excellent way to find and share books and also a good way to meet other book lovers. Goodreads also offers a great search feature that allows you to search for books by author or title. Then, you can add them to your reading list.


If you are looking for gift ideas for book lovers, Etsy is the place to go. Not only can you find books for a book lover’s birthday, but you can also buy gifts for other book lovers. This website is a great place to buy unique, handmade items.

The list of book-related items available on Etsy includes jewelry, enamel pins, paper art, prints, posters, and home decor. You can also find unique book-themed items through Etsy shops such as Booking. Etsy is an incredible place to buy special items, and it helps small, local businesses thrive.

A book lover’s gift box filled with books is an excellent idea. You can choose a favorite genre or get a surprise title. Another unique gift idea is a book lover tea. Tea is the perfect drink to enjoy a book, and many creative tea blends are available. You can even buy a cute strainer to serve it in! Some even have quotes from famous authors!

If you’re searching for gifts for a bookworm, you’ve come to the right place. Here, you’ll discover the characteristics of a reader and great gift ideas, including a Kindle or Books club membership. Also, learn about the different types of books bookworms enjoy.

Characteristics of a bookworm

Characteristics of a bookworm include their ability to express themselves. They love to read and spend hours absorbed in a book and are known to be patient and tolerant with others. They also love to hear stories, and while they don’t talk much in general, they are willing to listen to people talk about their day and feelings.

A bookworm’s love of literature makes them very knowledgeable about the fictional worlds they read. They often correct misquotes from novels, and they recite favorite lines all the time. They often speak with the same accent as the characters they are reading about. A bookworm’s desire to read is vital, setting them apart from their peers.

Noah Webster used the term “bookworm” to describe students obsessed with books. The time was first used in 1599 to describe those who love to read. It was not until the 1800s that the term was used for insects. Although the term is generally used pejoratively to denote obsessive behavior, the term ‘bookworm’ can describe anyone who enjoys reading. Some people differentiate between a bookworm and a bibliophile, but there are many similarities.

Bookworms tend to congregate in real life, especially on social media. They like to share their favorite books and discuss what they want about them. Readers also tend to share recommendations with their friends. They’re often the best resource for finding new books and discussing what they’ve read.

A bookworm can’t live without books. They prefer books to clothes and have a bookshelf full of them. In addition to reading, bibliophiles also keep their books neat. Many of them are hard-bound, which means they’re rarely lent. And they’re often quite opinionated about movie adaptations.

Books can provide a sense of escapism. A bookworm may get caught in a fantasy world and lose themself in the pages. It is important to remember that readers need their alone time to recharge and enjoy their company. A bookworm will read anything that stimulates their mind.

Gifts for a bookworm

There are several gifts to consider when purchasing a bookworm. Some gift items are obvious, such as books and a library card. Other items include a phone strap or a bookshelf. Bookworms often appreciate these gift items, which are a fun and thoughtful way to say, “I love you!”

A book subscription is another great gift for a bookworm. This service gives them unlimited access to thousands of books. They can browse the subscription library and decide which books to read next. They can also choose which books they want to keep in their library. A subscription to Kindle Unlimited can also be a thoughtful gift.

Personalized book bookmarks are a fun gift idea for a bookworm. They can be customized with a message or a quote of their choice. Bookmarks can also feature flowers, birds, and other designs. Some of the bookmarks have a tassel on end. Other bookish gifts include apparel and mugs.

A unique gift for a bookworm can be as simple as a t-shirt with the author’s name on it. Another great option is a literary rocks glass, which features classic novel texts. They come in four different colors and styles. This stylish gift is perfect for a bookworm who loves to read in bed or while commuting.

Another great gift idea for a bookworm is a journal. A journal helps the avid reader track their reads and reviews. It also has sections for their reading wish lists and borrowed books. A literary-themed tea set is another excellent idea for a bookworm. The collection contains 25 English Breakfast tea bags and literary quotes.

A book-shaped soap set is also a great gift idea. The soaps come in many scents. Some are themed to books like The Great Gatsby and Pride and Prejudice. The recipient can even choose a bouquet that matches their favorite book. The book-shaped soap will surely impress the bookworm in your life.

Kindle for bookworms

Whether you’re looking for a gift for a bookworm or want to buy something for yourself, a Kindle may be just the thing. Bookworms are known for their voracious appetite for reading, and the Kindle offers the convenience of instant access to an extensive collection of books. The reader allows you to read any text you want, regardless of whether or not the publisher sells the book. Another great feature of Kindle is downloading books and emailing them to yourself.

The Kindle has a screen resolution similar to the real thing, and the e-paper and e-ink technology help recreate the experience. The Kindle also has a longer battery life, so you can spend more time reading. The device is also eco-friendly, which helps save the environment. However, one downside to the Kindle is that it doesn’t allow you to thumb through a book or perform research.

Another benefit of the Kindle is its ability to show video content. You can stream movies and TV shows from Netflix and Amazon and browse the web. The Kindle also has an optional keyboard that lets you type. The Kindle Oasis has a seven-inch screen, which makes it an excellent choice for people who love to read but don’t want to be confined to the living room.

For more Kindle books, subscribe to Kindle Unlimited. The cost of this service varies, but it includes thousands of readers. There are many free books on Kindle Unlimited, and it’s only a small monthly fee. In addition, the Kindle allows you to buy books without a subscription. Parents can also set up a child profile for their children on the device, enabling them to assign specific books to their profiles and preventing them from purchasing them without their permission.

The Amazon Kindle is an excellent choice for bookworms on a budget. It has a screen that resembles actual paper with 167 PPI glare-free resolution. The Kindle also has a powerful battery that lasts for weeks. Its 8GB of internal storage is also a bonus. It also has a Kindle Unlimited subscription service, which lets you access thousands of e-books and audiobooks.

Books clubs for bookworms

If you are a bookworm, there are several book clubs for you to join. There are even those that cater to bookworms, as well as those that have specific themes. Bookworms book clubs feature popular and recent titles, and some are even focused on the latest releases. Whether you’re a newbie to bookworming or an experienced reader, book clubs are a great way to make new friends while reading.

You’ll need to choose a book to discuss and develop discussion questions to get started. Try reading online reviews or visiting publisher websites to get an idea of what to discuss. You can also do background research on the book using YouTube videos or Google image searches. Author websites usually have video interviews that you can link to as well.

A bookworm book club is great for encouraging reading comprehension. A good book club can also encourage students to be more critical and engaged with literature. Book clubs also give students a sense of accountability. They can be more likely to read books in the future if they are in a group setting.

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