What Is Payza ?

Payza is one of the very popular online payment processor and e-wallet service. It is widely used by individuals and businesses to send or receive money to over 190 countries.

It is one of the best alternatives of PayPal, which is another popular online payment processor and e-wallet.

With Payza people cannot only send or receive money worldwide but they can also use it shop online. You can use Payza as e-wallet to make online purchases on various eCommerce websites. You can use it to pay your local or international merchants.

Payza lets you easily receive funds from various websites. Freelancers use it to receive funds from various companies and websites for which they work. Whereas, online businesses use it to send or receive huge funds internationally.

How To Receive Funds On Payza ?

If you are working as a freelancer and you want to receive money from any company which supports Payza payments then you can easily receive funds from them by just providing your Payza email to them.

Payza email works as an account number, so, whenever you need to withdraw/receive funds from any company then you just need provide your Payza email to them and they will pay your through it.

You can also request money directly from your Payza account. For this you just need to click the request money tab, then fill up some necessary details like recipients Payza email, amount, currency etc and then complete the process by clicking the send tab.

If a the recipient already has a Payza account then he/she will pay you otherwise if he/she doesn’t have a Payza account then Payza will send him/her an invitation email in order to allow the person to accept the transfer.

Is Payza Email Different From Normal Email ?

Payza email is nothing but your email id with which you register on Payza. It makes your email id your Payza email that you can give to others to receive payments from them. By default the email with which you register on Payza becomes your Payza email. However, you can add multiple emails to your Payza accounts.

For example: my email is xyz@todreview.com and i registered with this email on Payza, then this email: xyz@todreview.com will become my Payza email.

How To Withdraw Funds From Payza To Your Bank Account ?

Withdrawing money from Payza to your bank account is also easy. For this you just need to fill up your bank details on Payza and you need to verify your Payza account. Payza verification is a one time process that means you need to verify your Payza account once and then it will remain verified for all further transactions.

This verification process is just to provide additional security to the users. They only want to check the you are the real person who has actually created the account is doing these transactions. I will discuss more about verification later in this article, for now i am considering that you have a verified Payza account.

So, once you have filled up your bank details and have a verified account then you can withdraw money to your bank account. For withdrawing funds, you need to click the withdraw funds tab and select a withdrawal option from the various available options. Payza offers various withdrawal options to users. These options are Bitcoin, Bank Transfer, Wire Transfer, Credit Card, Exchanger and Crytocurrency Trader.

I usually withdraw funds using the bank transfer option and therefore, i mentioned it above. If you like to withdraw money using another option then you can select any of the available options of your choice.

So, to withdraw funds you need to select the bank transfer option and then fill up the required fields like amount, details and select your bank account. After that click the next tab and confirm your transaction.

How To Verify Your Payza Account ?

Like most of the other online payment processor, on Payza also you need to verify your account to withdraw funds. This is a one time process and Payza takes it as a security feature to provide more security to its users. However, to receive money on Payza account you don’t need to have a verified Payza account.

Verifying Payza account is simple. To verify your Payza account you just need to provide them a scanned copy of your id and address proof. It could be your national identification card, voter id card, phone bills, tax id etc. They provide a complete list of these documents on their verification page.

You will find the verification tab on the sidebar of Payza or you will get a link to verify your Payza account on withdraw funds page. You just need to upload these documents and your account will get verified in 3-4 days. In my case i submitted my tax id card and my account got approved within 2 days.

For Tod Review Visitors:

As you know our website is dedicated to affiliate networks and since, Payza is one of the very popular payment processor, so, it is used by various affiliate networks. As an affiliate it will be good for you to have a Payza account.

Sometimes we don’t get PayPal as the payment option on affiliate networks and there you may find Payza, Payoneer, Paxum etc as alternative payment options. So, i strongly recommend affiliates to create a Payza account. Like most of the other payment processors, Payza is also free to use. Anyone can create an account on Payza for free and there’s no hidden cost or account maintenance cost. You are not even required to add credit card to create an account. So, why don’t you join it ?.

Personally i have been using Payza since 2022, when it was known as AlertPay. I have never faced any problem regarding sending or receiving funds. Even using Payza is easier than many other online payment processors. It doesn’t have hard and fast rules. You can hold your money in your Payza account or you can use it to shop anywhere.

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