What is VoIP Service (Voice over internet protocol)

What is VoIP Service

Today’s technology changed everything. In ancient time there were no phones, no mobiles, and no internet. But today without them can’t imagine any work possible. Let’s talk about what is VoIP service?

VoIP is a short form of Voice over internet protocol. It is a technology that permit us telephone call to be made over Computer or Smartphone network. The other terms of VoIP are internet telephone, broadband phone, VoBB etc.

In VoIP, communication made over public internet rather than PSTN network. VoIP converts analog voice signal into digital data packet and support real time service. Over the internet there is lots of VoIP service provider. They offer free VoIP service, paid VoIP service or common service like Verizon VoIP service, Cisco VoIP service, Skype, Paltalk etc.

Protocol used in VoIP service

Various types of protocols used in VoIP service. Some protocol listed here-

  • H.323
  • SIP
  • RTP

You can find all protocol used in VoIP here – Wikipedia


VoIP is widely used in corporate service, through VoIP it is possible to call many people at a time and set up conference. In corporate market it is increasing rapidly.

VoIP allows both voice and data communication at a same time over a single network, which decrease infrastructure cost. It is beneficial to a company or any organization.

Skype is a leading VoIP service provider company, which provide its service free and paid.

Quality of service

Quality of service depends upon your internet network, switching network and other. It is possible to lost data packet. It does not provide network based mechanism where data packet not lost. So sometime, VoIP faces different problems like audio not clear, packet lost and jitters.


  • VoIP provides local number portability and mobile number portability.
  • In VoIP a user free to call anywhere in the world. VoIP Companies are providing VoIP international service free.
  • VoIP service is a Fax support service. It allows users to use fax.
  • VoIP Saves You Capital
  • Less security

Now times to grab a VoIP number. Go to Skype and get your Skype username which is your identity on Skype. Tell the friends, family and connect free to the world.

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