Which Are the Most Popular Review Sites?

There are many review sites online, but which are the most popular? The answer varies widely. Google, Yelp, Facebook, and Angie are the most popular, with a combined audience of almost two billion consumers. However, there are a few common threads among the four. Google reviews attract the most readers of all review sites, with an estimated 81% expected by 2022. Let’s explore each of these in more detail.


If you’re a small business owner or just trying to improve your reputation, you should know that Google is the most popular review site. Almost 3.5 billion searches are made on Google every day, and nearly 90% of all searches are conducted on one of its search platforms. In addition to being the most popular review site, Google also integrates its platform into the most popular browsers and applications. The growth of reviews on Google is a great thing for small businesses and consumers alike, but the question is: how can you get more people to leave reviews?

One of the best ways to get more customers to leave a review is using the Gmail platform. Gmail is the world’s most popular email platform, and 1.8 billion of those users have Gmail accounts. One way to improve user experience is to make the review submission process easy. This way, users do not have to navigate another website or fill out several time-consuming forms. Google prioritizes the ease of review submission, which results in more reviews.

In addition to promoting your local business through these review platforms, you should direct your customers to the most trusted and popular sites. For example, solar companies should send their customers to SolarReviews, a leading review site for solar panels. Hotels should point their customers to TripAdvisor, a trusted website for travel reviews. And if you’re looking for a place to stay, you should check out TripAdvisor.

One thing you should avoid doing is buying or discounting reviews on any review site. While Google doesn’t reveal the identity of reviewers, it does provide public access to all review content, which is an excellent boost for your search engine rankings. It’s also essential to ensure that your reviews are from actual customers. By encouraging real customers to write reviews, you’ll have an easier time attracting more customers and increasing your website’s traffic.


While you may not be able to avoid fake reviews, you can still learn from them. One study found that 80% of Yelp searches are done via a mobile device. That means you should be active on your mobile device, if not on your desktop. This is because many people use their smartphones to research local businesses. Yelp is no different. It has its mobile app, which gives consumers a level playing field with companies.

However, if you do get a bad review, the best way to deal with it is publicly defend your business. You can use the update feature to change your initial evaluation. This will calm down the fury of the displeased user and encourage them to rethink their original opinion. But you should beware of self-proclaimed “Reputation Management” companies. They may not have the best intentions.

Creating a genuine Yelp account and engaging with other users is essential. One way to do this is to leave tips for the business on your Yelp page. The more positive reviews you go, the less likely it will raise suspicions. And make sure to post a variety of studies that range from one-to-five stars. It is also best to connect social media accounts to your Yelp page so that your reviews will appear as genuine as possible.

In addition to being a great marketing tool, Yelp also has its downsides. It can be a fickle frenemy for business owners. Without a business page on Yelp, users will post a review about your business without your knowledge. Be proactive in setting up a page, including color photos and helpful information. If you can do so, your business will benefit immensely.

Creating a Yelp page is not difficult. In addition to posting reviews on a Yelp page, you can also create an account on other sites, including Facebook and Google. While Yelp is among the most popular review sites, other reviews may be better suited for your specific type of business. So, please take a moment to find out what people think about your business and its products and services.


Using Facebook as a review site can increase your business’s exposure and boost your reputation. If you want your business to be noticed by the right people, turning on the ratings and reviews settings on your Facebook Page is easy. Invite customers to leave reviews and get the word out to your target audience. Aside from customer reviews, Facebook helps you build your brand on the web, create professional bonds with competitors, and find the best job applicants. Using Facebook as a review site can also help you rank higher for specific keywords, so make sure you’re in the top three of search results. Facebook will only remove content that violates its policy, so make sure you know your target keywords.

While Facebook has several benefits over Google’s reviews, it also has limitations. Because Facebook is a highly social platform, customers are more likely to share their thoughts on your business page. Moreover, you can engage with your customers through a conversation and try to diffuse a negative impression. You might be able to convince a reviewer to take down a bad review if you can make them feel comfortable.

Consumers trust online reviews over personal recommendations. More than half of U.S. internet users have checked reviews online before purchasing. Ninety million people checked online restaurant reviews before visiting a restaurant. Furthermore, 80% of customer complaints happen online. Therefore, business owners must make use of Facebook reviews as a way to strengthen their brand reputation. You should be prepared to reply to any Facebook review if it appears.

In addition to Facebook, Google is also a significant player in the review space. A recent survey showed that 63.6 percent of consumers read reviews before visiting a business. Yelp, which ranks second, is just behind Facebook. Combined with Google, these three platforms have more than two billion reviews. While Facebook and Google may not be as influential as Google, they can significantly boost your business’s reputation. Google is now the number one choice for many consumers.


Angie’s List is a review website aimed at U.S.-based service businesses. Members pay a membership fee to post reviews and rate businesses on a scale of A-F. These reviews are typically honest and well-written, as the site makes it difficult for individuals to leave anonymous reviews. Also, companies who advertise on the site must pass a background check. In many cases, negative reviews are removed, but they remain.

While anyone can post a review, only members’ thoughts are counted for the rating. Non-members’ reviews will not count, so a single bad review can ruin a business’s grade and cost its customers down the road. In this way, Angie’s List is an excellent marketing tool. However, it has some disadvantages. Many alternatives are more valuable. Here are three:

In its 18 years of business, Angie’s List has failed to turn a profit. The company’s policy on selling customer information to contractors is questionable, and they have dropped many companies. Its revenue has been stagnant, and its stock has declined steadily. As a result, Angie’s List may be forced to shut down altogether. So, what does this mean for you?

Aside from Angie’s List, Consumers’ Checkbook is a good resource for finding a reputable service provider. They include a trending bar that shows which categories are most popular. This is particularly useful for small businesses that want to promote a particular service. The site also features a section dedicated to “big-box” products. These reviews help business owners identify popular products and which are not.

There’s no question that Google, YouTube, Facebook, and Amazon are the most popular sites. But which ones are the most popular worldwide? In the U.S., Amazon tops the List, while Facebook, YouTube, and Google are second. However, IMDB ranks as the 12th most popular site in the world. Which ones are best for your business? Read on to find out! Also, read about the future of the internet in 2022!

TikTok was the most visited site in 2022

According to the latest web traffic rankings, TikTok is the most popular site globally. The website peaked in February and grew, especially in March and June. Eventually, the Chinese video-sharing website established itself at number one, becoming the only non-US site to hit this spot. However, it’s unlikely that TikTok will maintain its position as the most popular site for years to come.

In the past two years, TikTok has skyrocketed in popularity and has become a ubiquitous part of everyday life for many users worldwide. The site is now up to one billion monthly active users and regularly dominates headlines. This has led many big brands to jump on the TikTok bandwagon in 2022. The success of TikTok is mainly due to its algorithms, which predict what types of videos are most likely to be liked by other users.

Despite the high profile of Google, the Chinese video-sharing site TikTok has quickly become a household name, outranking the search engine Google. Cloudflare, a website security firm, analyzed TikTok’s traffic data and reported that the site had surpassed Google’s rankings in 2022. The Chinese video-sharing website also has more than one billion monthly active users, making it the most popular website in the world.

However, despite the success of TikTok, controversy has plagued the site. Some people have questioned whether the app is a legitimate entertainment platform. The fact is that it’s viral. Its video-sharing site was made viral by a viral video created by Nathan Apodaca. The video’s virality has led countless TikTokers to participate in challenges and share their videos with their friends. It’s a popular platform among Millennials and Gen Zers, two groups of the U.S. population.

Google, YouTube, Facebook, and Amazon lead the way.

The biggest internet companies are now leading the way in the popularity stakes. According to a recent study by SEMRush, Google, YouTube, Facebook, and Amazon lead the way as the most popular sites. Despite these massive companies’ dominance, other websites struggle to make a mark. The “Frightful Five” dominate the web and have monopoly power that could weaken their competitors.

YouTube was founded by PayPal and Google employees in 2005. Its popularity has skyrocketed, and the company is the second most visited website globally, with more than 400 hours of video uploaded every minute. YouTube is a subsidiary of Google and has received over 2 billion logged-in users. The company made billions of dollars from advertising and was dubbed the most valuable brand in 2022.

These companies dominate online shopping. YouTube and Amazon are the largest buyers of ads on Google, and they will take over one-third of the internet through their Amazon Web Services. According to Mr. Ready, Amazon’s dominance threatens other online merchants. However, it’s not just big tech companies that dominate the online shopping world. Small businesses and established retailers are expanding their listings. This is good news for consumers.

Facebook has over a billion active monthly users, giving it incredible market access. It’s the place people go when they’re not working. People there might be more likely to follow their noses than their fingers so that businesses can take advantage of their vast audience. But it’s also expensive to advertise on Facebook, with its enormous user base. That’s why Facebook has been so successful. However, these companies may have competitors in the future, so it’s worth keeping an eye on them.

If you’re interested in the most popular websites in the U.S., look no further than Amazon. Founded in 1994, Amazon has become a global phenomenon and now accounts for more than half of all e-commerce sales in the U.S. As a result, the company has experienced steady growth and is on track to become the fastest growing e-commerce site by 2022. And if you’re a new shopper, you’ve probably already shopped at Amazon, whether it’s for your first time or you’ve bought something you’ve seen online.

While YouTube is still the most popular website in the U.S., there’s no doubt that Reddit has passed Facebook as the third most popular. According to Alexa, an Amazon subsidiary, Reddit’s popularity is fueled by the amount of time people spend on its site. Users spend nearly twice as long on Reddit as on Facebook or Google. While Facebook is close behind, the recent scandal that rocked the company’s rankings may have influenced its numbers.

Amazon has more than 150 million active users on its mobile platform, with 150.6 million users in September 2022. The site has built a trusting relationship with customers; 89 percent of buyers say they are more likely to purchase Amazon products than other online retailers. And Amazon is a member of the Amazon Prime program. Prime members receive discounts, free two-day shipping, and access to music and videos.

Increasing the number of users on the site is one of Amazon’s primary strategies. It continues to expand its offerings and reach by acquiring companies and developing new products. By enhancing its product offerings and diversifying its audience, the company has positioned itself as the go-to eCommerce site. This is especially true since more people turn to Amazon for their online shopping needs. Amazon has become a global phenomenon for many people, and it continues to expand its reach.

Pinterest lost 71% of its digital footfall compared to the previous month.

The recent loss of users on Pinterest has left the social media site scratching its head. While it grew exponentially during the first quarter of 2022, it could not sustain this growth after a lockdown. Users have steadily decreased each quarter since then. In Q4 2022, Pinterest lost 71% of its digital footfall compared to the previous month. While this is disappointing, the company has vowed to return to growth levels shortly.

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