Which Top Load Washer Has the Best Reviews?

In addition to LG and GE, other brands that have received high ratings are Samsung, Maytag, and Whirlpool. Here, we’ll explore some of the most popular models and read consumer reviews to find out which has the most positive feedback. We’ll also cover Samsung WA50R5400AV, LG front-loaders, and GE GTW720BSNWS. Which top load washer has the best reviews?

Samsung WA50R5400AV

The Samsung WA50R5400AV top load washing machine has received the most positive customer reviews. Its front-loading features include fewer cycles and a slightly higher noise level. It also has a reasonable price and 4.5-cubic-foot capacity. Many consumers have praised its reliability, and Yale Appliances and Puls repair technicians have named it one of the top brands.

This top-load washer from Samsung is packed with features and is highly efficient. It features a Super Speed wash cycle for heavily soiled loads. The machine has 12 wash cycles, five temperature settings, and an easy-access tub. Its 5.2-cubic-foot capacity makes it easy to wash large quantities of clothes without worrying about overflowing. It is also Energy Star certified, and its Super Speed cycle reduces drying time.

The Samsung WA50R5400AV is not perfect, but it offers good cleaning at an affordable price. It also includes a built-in faucet for pre-treating. One downside of this washer is its MSRP, which was way too high. But it’s currently priced lower, which aligns with its cleaning ability. The Samsung WA50R5400AV may be worth the money if you’re on a tight budget.

Samsung has a lower starting price than LG and the GE GFW850S. The LG is a much better option if you’re on a tight budget or want more intelligent features. While Samsung is a leader in innovative technology and reliability, GE is much cheaper and offers extra cycles for delicates. The LG has a 3.3-star rating from consumers and is priced at $1,049, so it might be better if you’re on a tight budget.

The Samsung WA50R5400AV top load washing machine comes with a one-year warranty. It covers parts and labor and the stainless tub. The device also has an intelligent dispenser that holds up to 48 loads of detergent and releases the exact amount necessary to wash each load. The warranty is worth the price of the washer, however, as this washer is an excellent investment. You’ll be glad you bought it.

Maytag MVWC565FW

A 4.9-cubic-foot top load washer makes light work of stubborn stains and crusted-on messes. PowerWash agitator and concentrated cleaning deliver robust wash action. And there’s no need to use a separate detergent tank. Just fill up the MVWC565FW top load washer with your favorite detergent, and you’re ready to go! Here’s a closer look at this washer.

This washing machine features an Auto-Sensing Function to regulate water use per load. It automatically senses the staining level and controls the water usage for each bag accordingly. This feature prevents scrubbing clothes, resulting in effective, concentrated cleaning. There are also three temperature settings. Choose a warm or cold location for delicates, white clothing only, or delicates.

Another feature is its size. Despite being compact, the Maytag MVWC565FW top load washer has an impressive 4.2 cubic-foot capacity. This capacity makes it an excellent choice for smaller laundry rooms. Besides, the Maytag MVWC565FW has enough space to load a couple of laundry baskets full. Its power is sufficient for even a king-size comforter and two standard-size sheets.

The machine’s efficiency is one of its most significant selling points—many owners rate Maytag washers as one of the best washers on the market. A recent survey revealed that 88% of Maytag customers would recommend the appliance to a friend or family member. Its numerous functions enable it to take care of all your laundry needs, and its large capacity means you can use it less frequently. It even saves water!

Another positive feature of the Maytag MVWC565FW top-load washer is its warranty. A 10-year limited warranty covers its direct-drive motor, stainless steel wash basket, and other parts. With this warranty, you’ll be confident that your washer won’t break down soon! You’ll be assured of its quality and reliability! It’s hard to beat that.

A large capacity top-load washing machine like the Maytag MVWC565FW can help you speed through your laundry. However, its spin speed isn’t the fastest, and its washing capacity is limited compared to front-loaders and models with impellers. It can also consume too much water during the deep-fill cycle. It’s also one of the most expensive top-loaders on the market, so choose your model carefully.

Whirlpool WM4000H

The WM4000H top load washer has been a popular choice for many homeowners because of its large capacity. This washer has enough power to wash a full-size comforter or a week’s worth of clothes. Its advanced settings also help you achieve different laundry results, from delicate to hard-to-wash. The WM4000H offers prewash, multiple rinse options, and a post-wash tumbling setting, which can prevent mildew in your clothes.

This top load washer is an efficient and energy-efficient machine. It features a 27-inch profile and a 5.0-cubic-foot capacity. It can also tumble-dry your clothes after a wash cycle, and the 12-hour FanFresh Option keeps clothes fresh for up to 12 hours. It is quiet, significant, fast, and easy to maintain.

A top load washer does not include a stainless steel wash basket or a fabric softener dispenser, but it does come with a porcelain-enamel wash basket, which will remain chip-free for years. The Whirlpool WM4000H top load washer has the best reviews for its overall quality and performance. You can check the reviews on the Whirlpool WM4000H full load washer and decide whether it’s right for your family.

A Maytag MVWC565FW top load washer has a large capacity and uses less energy than comparable machines. It comes with a 10-year warranty on some parts. Most buyers liked the quiet spin cycle and the matching dryer. Its easy-to-use controls and matching dryer made it the perfect appliance for busy households. The machine is also equipped with a quick-wash and wrinkle-reduction cycle.

The WM4000H top load washer has over 24,000 reviews on Home Depot. It gets a 4.4/5-star rating from users. Users love the large capacity and quiet operation. The WM4000H top load washer has the best reviews in the category. Its features make it a popular choice for many customers. There are other models as well. It’s time to make a decision.


This GE GTW720BSNWS top-load washer has a 4.8 cu. ft. capacity and a dedicated water jet to pierce the detergent pack. The water jet activates the detergent pack, resulting in faster detergent activation and improved cleaning power. The washer’s features also reduce vibration through QuietWash and Dynamic Balancing Technology.

GE GTW720BSNWS top-load washers have extra-large wash tubs, so you’ll never run out of space. Thanks to thoughtful design and technology, this machine’s extra-large capacity will make your laundry easier to do. Its Dynamic Balancing Technology reduces noise, while its 800-rpm spin cycle ensures maximum cleanliness. Another feature is the Deep Fill option, which fills the tub to the top water level. Even large loads can be washed in a single wash.

This top-load washer has a built-in faucet that helps you treat stains before washing them. Unlike some top-load washers, this one also has a convenient way to pass items you’d otherwise have to hand-wash quickly. This feature is incredibly suitable for busy people who don’t have time to spend on a separate sink. You can also choose between white and gray models.

GE GTW720BSNWS top-load washer reviews show that this machine has excellent features. It has a capacity that falls in the middle of many other top-load washers in our ratings. It also has a stainless-steel wash basket that can accommodate a king-size comforter. Its top-loading capacity is a good indication of its durability.

One of the best things about this washing machine is its price range. The GE GTW720BSNWS retails for $1,199, starting at this price range. The price of this washing machine varies depending on the color. White is the least expensive, followed by Sapphire Blue and Diamond Gray. A large number of shoppers base their buying decision on the mechanism of the washing machine. Its agitator is responsible for the whirlpool-like sounds of water flowing through it.

In terms of cleaning ability, the GE GTW720BSNWS top-load washer offers 13 different preset cycles and agitator washing. It is certified by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America and is also equipped with a sanitizing process. The LG GTW720BSNWS top-load washer also has WiFi capability, so it’s possible to download specialty cycles for this machine.

This article will discuss the Maytag MVW6230HC, the LG WT7800C, and the GE WTW5000DW. While they are all top-loaders, each has its advantages and disadvantages. I also will provide some of my own experiences with each of them. Ultimately, you can make your decision based on my personal experiences.

Maytag MVW6230HC

This heavy-duty washer delivers powerful cleaning. Its Heavy-Duty cycle is equipped with the Extra Power button that boosts stain-fighting power on any wash cycle, including Quick Wash. Its Heavy-Duty process is designed to combat tough stains and soil. A heavy-duty wash cycle is not the only feature you’ll appreciate about this machine. This machine also has three additional wash cycles: Quick, Normal, and Heavy Duty.

Maytag MVW6230HC top-load washing machine reviews have found that it’s a strong contender for a quality wash. Users who have experienced this machine say that it uses water efficiently is easy to clean, and has several great features. Its many wash options and Extra Power button have also impressed reviewers. It also has a quiet spin speed of up to seventy-five mph.

The Maytag MVW6230HC top-load washer has an extra-power button that helps it fight stains in cold or hot water. It offers personalized Smart Tips based on your washing activity and enables you to get the best results from your Maytag appliance. It features a slow-close glass lid that allows you to check your laundry without disturbing others. The top also closes quietly and accurately.

The Maytag MVW6230HC top-load washing machine has a long history of quality and reliability. It has earned a reputation for being a reliable brand that offers excellent customer service. The iconic Maytag Man is a symbol of dependability and dedication to service, and the company had nearly five billion dollars in annual sales in 2022. Many types of Maytag appliances are available, including front-load and top-load washers. All models come with innovative features that ensure your clothes get the perfect amount of cleaning while minimizing time.

LG WT7800C

LG WT7800C top load laundry machines review is a streamlined guide to its features and benefits. This top-loading machine has everything you need for your laundry needs, from a programmable timer to innovative integrated technology. The LG SmartThinQ app can be used to select the cycle you want to run, start or stop the wash, and receive notifications when your laundry is complete. It even works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, giving you hands-free laundry management.

The LG WT7800CW has more than 780 5-star customer reviews on Amazon. Eighty percent of customers who bought the washer recommend it. They also praise the range of features but have some complaints about long cycles and WiFi connectivity. It’s a good option for a family-sized washer, as its large drum and 5.5 cubic feet of washable space will allow you to wash many clothes at once.

This top-loading washing machine features a convenient touchscreen interface. The control panel is easy to operate but can be challenging to read with poor lighting. The touchscreen doesn’t have physical buttons, so it’s harder to see. The machine’s control panel is touch-sensitive, so a smartphone is necessary. The touch-based interface also lacks tactile cues, making it easier to choose the wrong settings accidentally.


The Quick Wash cycle makes washing items with a light stain a snap among the many features and benefits of a GE top load laundry machine. Another feature is the Steam option, which penetrates fabric fibers to remove stubborn stains. The front-loading machine’s Electronic touch controls make operation and cleaning simple and convenient. The GE washer is a highly rated appliance by consumer reports.

While both manufacturers have a wealth of features and designs, the GE model has a larger wash basket and higher capacity. While both models are similar in size and characteristics, the GE model uses less water overall. Both GE and Whirlpool models have pre-soak and extra rinse options and a one-year parts-and-labor warranty. The GE model has an automatic fabric softener dispenser, while the Whirlpool model does not. Both machines also feature stainless-steel wash baskets and similar dial controls.

Compared to the GE WTW5000DW, the LG TLW6530DW is rated higher in consumer reports. However, its water level is poor, and it takes too long to wash clothes. Lastly, the Whirlpool WTW8700EC top load laundry machine does not receive Energy Star certification. Although this machine is energy-efficient, it still requires HE detergent.

Whirlpool WTW5000DW

When searching for a new washer, you’ve likely come across the Whirlpool WTW5000DW. This high-efficiency machine uses a low-profile impeller and a stick-style agitator in the center of the stainless steel drum. Although this model isn’t Energy Star-certified, it is a high-performance top load washer. Its capacity, washing cycle, and available features compare favorably to other models.

One notable feature of this washer is its capacity: 5.0 cubic feet of power, making it one of the giant top load washers available. You can use this model to tumble-dry your clothes after they have finished washing. Moreover, its 12-hour FanFresh Option helps keep clothes fresh for up to 12 hours after washing. Other features of the machine include its quiet operation, large capacity, and robust motor.

This high-end top-load washer has an energy-efficient rating of A+. It offers an impressive eight wash cycles, four temperatures, and three soil levels. Users also appreciate its adjustable load size and easy operation. The machine can sense the size of the load and automatically adjust settings accordingly. The washer is highly rated for reliability, but there are some negative reviews about its water level, and some users have trouble with its Water Plus feature.

The high-efficiency washer is a good choice for many households because of its size. Its 4.3 cubic feet of wash basket is perfect for small families. It also has a Presoak option that skips the soaking process outside the machine. Moreover, a low-profile impeller is highly effective at getting rid of tough laundry. In addition, it features a Smooth Wave stainless steel wash basket and a seamless surface design.

Haier NTW4516FW

A top-load laundry machine should have a generous washing capacity. The Haier NTW4516FW offers a generous 12kg capacity and slightly better energy efficiency. Its faster spin speed of 1,400 RPM makes it great for washing only lightly soiled items. Its other features include a time-delay system and a pause button. This washer is also child-safe and has a lockable door.

The Amana NTW4516FW is not Energy Star-certified, but it does have an auto-sensing feature and a large capacity. It also has smartphone controls and is a popular budget model. While the Amana NTW4516FW isn’t Energy Star-certified, it is good for the money. It comes with a large capacity and fast spin speeds.

The Amana NTW4516FW is a traditional-style top load washer with easy dial style controls. Its 3.5 cubic-foot capacity should be more than enough for most families. However, its size may be too small for larger families. Those with larger families may want to consider a giant machine. However, its price is lower than some premium models. However, it’s important to remember that a smaller device doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s less powerful.

Another good feature of the Haier NTW4516FW top-load washing machine is its timer. It’s an essential feature if you wash a lot of mixed laundries. You’ll rarely finish a mixed load in the time specified on the control panel. But the timer is an essential feature for mixed-loads, as the mixed-load cycle can sometimes be unpredictable.

Euromaid NTW4516FW

If you’re considering purchasing a new top-load laundry machine, you’ve probably heard many good things about Euromaid. Their washing machines are among the best in the market. They come in three different sizes, and each boasts several useful features. All have an easy-to-open transparent lid, a child lock, and a 1.5-star energy rating.

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