Your Windshield Deserves Special Care In The Summer

Fluctuations in temperature can lead to extra stress on your windshield, increasing its tendency to chip or crack. If you don’t pay close attention, these cracks may quickly spread and create greater damage. Being an important safety feature of the car, this is not something you can take for granted. Here are some important things you should keep in mind to avoid summer damage to your windshield:

Avoid extensive heat

During the summer, make sure to park your car under shade or in a garage to avoid an internal build up of heat. This is especially important incase there’s an existing crack in the windshield. Increased pressure supplemented with heat can cause tiny cracks and chips to expand rapidly.

Be mindful of temperature swings

With soaring temperatures, we tend to crank up the A/C to feel comfortable while driving. However, if you don’t pay attention, this comfort may end up costing you a lot more than expected. Frequent swings in temperature can put added stress on the windshield. If the glass cools too quickly, it can cause cracks, which may gradually spread under high pressure. When you increase the A/C force by setting the thermostat at a low temperature, an opposing air force is created that stresses existing cracks in the windshield. What may have been a minor, unnoticeable crack may end up requiring entire windshield replacement. Experts recommend that instead of turning the A/C on blast in a single go, turn it up gradually and take time cooling your car to reduce chances of tiny cracks turning into irreparable damage.

Keep a close eye on the windshield

It may not be possible to control the temperature so the next best thing you can do is to inspect your windshield as often as possible. In case you note even the tiniest chip or crack, consult an expert for windshield repair as soon as possible. You must get any and all glass damage fixed, even if it is hardly noticeable. If the crack expands beyond the point of repair, the entire windshield will have to be replaced. This is why you must pay attention to the smallest crack and keep an eye out for any damage. Reach out to trained professionals at Windshield Experts for a ‘Repair First ‘philosophy. The technicians will examine the damage and give you the best possible solution. Whether you are looking at windshield chip repair, windscreen repair orwindshield replacement Bangalore, Windshield Experts is your one stop shop. They are the first and only establishment of its kind in the country, providing fast and easy car chip repair. You can depend on them for hassle free repair and replacement, with an exclusive 1-year warranty on all products and workmanship. With minimal costs, low time investment and quick solutions, Windshield Experts should be you go to space for everything to do with windshields.

chips and cracks tend to expand rapidly under extreme weather. This is why you must be extra careful about the condition of your windshield, especially during summer. It is among the most important safety features of your car and driving around with a damaged windshield can be extremely dangerous.

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